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by Muad'Dave (#47368861) Attached to: Renewable Energy Saves Fortune 100 Companies $1.1B Annually

The only downside to switching over to LED-filled fake fluorescent tubes is the cost of producing fake tubes that have to handle different input voltages. With the old ballast system the input voltage was handled by the ballast the the tube got the correct strike/run voltage/current regardless. Lots of SOHO fluorescent ballasts are designed to run off 120V and many that are installed in businesses are designed to run off 208V (high leg delta), 240V (phase to phase), 277V (phase to neutral in a 480V wye), etc.

If the LED tube power supply is intelligently designed, they should be able to accept 120V-277V much like modern wall warts do - the challenge will be making them efficient at the same time.

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by Muad'Dave (#47331607) Attached to: Trio of Big Black Holes Spotted In Galaxy Smashup

For all intents and purposes, the objects are the same distance from Earth. They're 450 light-years from each other and both are approximately 4.3 BILLION light-years from Earth. The maximum difference in distance between object A and Earth and object B and Earth is 0.000010465116% (450 / 4.3x10^9 * 100). Close enough to the same distance. For reference, the same delta applied to 1 AU (93,000,000 mile Earth-Sun distance) yields 9.73 miles.

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I love laws that are written that way. The state of Virginia automobile inspection laws are equally as circumspect. They say things like 'Door handles must be operable from inside the car.' That does not mean that there have to be door handles installed, just that they have to be operable from inside if they exist.

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