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Comment: Re:Triumph the Insult Comic Dog Says... (Score 1) 289

by Muad'Dave (#48219893) Attached to: Assange: Google Is Not What It Seems

Amateur radio folk have been doing this for years. There are only two countries that don't allow amateur radio for their citizens - Yemen and North Korea. There are no laws in the US that prohibit the exchange of ideas with those in other countries, apart from the standard profanity rules. There are, however, common sense guidelines to prevent the other operator form getting in trouble with their government (don't try to engage a person from Cuba in Castro bashing, for instance).

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by Muad'Dave (#48211539) Attached to: U.K. Supermarkets Beta Test Full-Body 3D Scanners For Selfie Figurines

...we'd have to see a couple of squadrons of Gloucester Old Spots doing aerobatics at Farnborough ...

As an American, I've watched just enough UK television to know what that means - "When Pigs FLY!!!" I learned about Gloucester Old Spots from "The Two Fat Ladies" and Farnborough from some other show re: airplanes.

+ - Nuclear Fusion in 10 years?

Submitted by msevior
msevior (145103) writes "The EM2 corportation has submitted a paper to describing their $10 million US Navy project to investigate Bussards Polywell fusion device. NBC has a report on the development . Quoting Nicholas Krall, a plasma physicist who has been working in the fusion field for more than a half-century and has been an adviser to EMC2 Fusion, "I think this is the most exciting experimental advance that I've been involved in," he told NBC News. 'I'm stoked.""

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If you want to spend money on student research, why not invest in an actual NASA-sponsored project? Check out (toward the bottom):

HEY, THANKS! The students wish to thank Sander Geophysics Ltd (SGL) for sponsoring this flight. Note their logo in the upper right corner of the payload. SGL's generous contribution of $500 paid for the helium and other supplies necessary to get this research off the ground. Readers, if you would like to sponsor an upcoming flight and see your logo at the edge of space, please contact Dr. Tony Phillips to make arrangements.

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... it's almost easier to boil water than to melt it from 0C ice to 0C water.

Your statement would be true if you'd left out the word boil and simply said "raise it's temperature from 0C to 100C". The heat of vaporization of water is a whopping 2260 kJ/Kg - that's the heat required to turn 100C water into 100C steam.

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Here's the problem I have with LED bulbs - Radio Frequency Interference. Many of the cheap bulbs imported do not meet FCC regulations for RF emissions and cause heaps of interference to broadcast AM radio and Amateur radio operations. A fellow ham did a little research, but we need a lot more data from the manufacturers regarding their Part 15 compliance and radiation levels before users of the radio spectrum can switch to LED bulbs.

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There was once a time when the clothes you wore had to be hand made from start to finish, often involving multiple artisans to create.

It's funny you mention that. I watch the TV show "How It's Made", and it amazes me how often I hear myself appending "BY HAND!!!" to what the narrator says when I hear "The doodad is transferred from conveyor belt A to belt B" and it's a human standing there doing a robot's job. I'm constantly amazed at how much mindless manual labor is still out there.

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