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Comment: Yes (Score 1) 1

by Muad'Dave (#49111811) Attached to: Question:Suggestions for a UPS with a 20 year battery life expectancy?

You have a funny way of spelling 'generator'. Choose a gaseous fuel model (natural gas, propane - whichever is handy) and let it rip. You could also install a fuel cell since it would only run a few times/year. Holding the power while the switchover happens is still an issue, but a battery that's over-spec'ed by a fair margin might be able to hold 20 secs of runtime after 20 years.

Comment: Re:That is close! (Score 1) 117

by Muad'Dave (#49080683) Attached to: Another Star Passed Through Our Oort Cloud 70,000 Years Ago

I doubt that the star is a magnetar, but it's "magnetically active" per the article - if it were active enough it may have had some influence on our magnetically active core and/or magnetically-sensitive ionosphere. Earthquakes followed by volcanos or more likely additional radiation due to perturbations of the ionosphere.

Comment: Re:It was never not prohibited (Score 2) 129

by Muad'Dave (#48926053) Attached to: FCC Prohibits Blocking of Personal Wi-Fi Hotspots

I understand Part 15 (as well as Part 97, since I'm licensed under those rules). The mechanisms mentioned in the GP _do_ exist in law for 5GHz U-NII (read WiFi) systems. Please refer to Title 47 Part 15, Subpart E, particularly 15.407(h)(1) and (2) and also 15.37(e).

Also, (if I read it correctly) 15.37(h) forbids the marketing or sale of devices that use any digital modulation technique other than Spread Spectrum operating in the 5725-5850 MHz bands starting on June 2, 2016.

The definition of "digital modulation" is distinct from SS - from 15.403(f):

(f) Digital modulation. The process by which the characteristics of a carrier wave are varied among a set of predetermined discrete values in accordance with a digital modulating function as specified in document ANSI C63.17-1998.

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