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Comment: Re:Am I getting old? (Score 1) 90

I already had most of the components laying around, but I did buy power supplies for the Pi's. I also have one in the attic running dump1090 and the upload client for flightradar24 - it has no case either, and I'm using a <$15 RTL tuner from

Flash Card: $6
Case: None - taped naked to the back of the TV
Power: About $7
HDMI Cable: $3
Ethernet cable: already had tons laying around, or could make one for $1

Grand total: $17

Comment: Re:Daimler? (Score 1) 151

by Muad'Dave (#46703251) Attached to: Tesla: A Carmaker Or Grid-Storage Company?

No, not an appeal to authority. I simply pointed you to an article showing that at least one engine manufacturer doesn't see the point of investing BILLIONS in F1 if the engines they're required to develop are based on normally-aspirated, relatively large V8s that are no longer in line with the direction of the auto industry. They want to be developing engine technology that has a return on investment and that is applicable to their core business - you know, road cars?

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