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Comment Online ads causing too many problems. (Score 1) 519

Here's the reason why ad-blocking software is popular: it stops most ads created with Adobe Flash, Oracle (neé Sun) Java, and Microsoft Silverlight, which means way less system resource usage and eliminating a major vector for the loading of malware.

I think the solution is simple: set a date to BAN all online ads unless the ad was specifically created completely in HTML 5.0. Just that change would eliminate the vector of loading malware via plugins and might actually speed up system performance, too.

Comment Re:I'd like to see the environmental nightmare die (Score 1) 369

While I agree, the process of making a cup of coffee with a presspot, vacuum pot, Moka pot, or pour-over pot like a Chemex can be quite time-consuming, especially if you have to grind whole roasted coffee beans. The Keurig sold very well (until the Keurig 2.0 fiasco) because the process of getting a decent mug of coffee was very convenient and very fast.

Keurig has said they are working on a new type of K-cup that uses vegetable-based plastics for easier recycleability or easier breakdown in landfills--they hope to have them in production by 2017 or so.

Comment IBM contributed to Linux's success. (Score 1) 469

I think what made people stand up and take notice of Linux was IBM's decision to port Linux so it works on IBM's mainframe hardware. In short, having an open operating system work on IBM mainframes showed that Linux was viable even running highly mission-critical tasks.

Indeed, that success paved the way for the Linux kernel to be used on consumer devices--Google's Android for cellphones/tablet computers and Chorme OS for low-cost laptops both run on the Linux kernel.

Comment Re:That's one reason the iPhone is so popular (Score 1) 434

I used to have a Samsung Galaxy S III. But the glacial pace of updating to Samsung's version of Android convinced me at the end of my initial T-Mobile USA phone contract to replace it with an iPhone 6 (64 GB Space Gray). And I'm very happy with the choice, because at least I get timely updates to add functionality and fix bugs (I started at 8.0, then updated to 8.0.2, 8.1, 8.1.1., 8.1.2, 8.1.3, 8.2 and now 8.3), thanks to Apple being the arbiter of when to get updates, not the cellphone carrier or handset manufacturer.

Comment Comcast had to give up NBC Universal? (Score 1) 112

I think THE biggest reason why the merger was called off was the very likely stipulation from the Federal government that Comcast must spin off NBC Universal to get the merger completed. Given how hard Comcast worked just to purchase NBC Universal in 2010, that was something they would not accept.

Comment Re:What Microsoft Wants: The Next Windows XP (Score 2) 159

The biggest problem with Windows 8 and 8.1 was the fact you HAD to deal with the "Modern" tiled UI, even if your system booted directly to the Desktop UI (you needed Modern UI access for some functions). I've played with Windows 8.1 and frankly, the "Modern" user interface is too radically different than the Desktop UI used in Windows 7 (it was like having to learn everything from scratch all over again).

With Windows 10, at least on desktop and "conventional" laptops, you default to the Desktop UI, and that means people transitioning from Windows 7 and earlier will have a much easier time, to say the least.

Comment Will try to play video in HTML 5.0 mode now. (Score 1) 156

There's also an important change in Firefox 37.0--if you access YouTube, videos are played back with the HTML 5.0 player, eliminate the use of Adobe Flash to play back videos. Hopefully, this means smoother video playback at higher resolutions. Hopefully, this applies to embedded videos from other sources.

Comment Heading away from gasoline/diesel anyway. (Score 2) 190

I think now that we may be on the verge of major breakthroughs in battery technology, we could soon see the beginning of the end of using gasoline and diesel fuel for motor vehicles anyway.

Around 2010, Volkswagen Chairman Martin Winterkorn predicted that by 2020, a vehicle about the size of today's VW Golf model--with similar carrying capacity in terms of passengers and cargo--could travel 800 km (497 miles) on a single full charge of the car's electric battery pack. Thanks to new forms of lithium-ion batteries that use dry electrodes and graphene sheets and carbon nanotube supercapacitors, such a goal may not be such a far-fetched idea; if Winterkorn's prediction proves true, that will truly start the transition from away from using internal combustion engines fueled by gasoline or diesel fuel for personal vehicles.

However, gasoline and diesel fuel will be around longer until the change I mention above is complete, thanks to new industrial catalysts ("cat crackers") that can convert natural gas into very clean-burning forms of gasoline and diesel fuel--and it will be cheap to make, too. This will provide a "bridge" of fuel technology until long-range electric cars I described earlier become common.

Comment We don't have an "English Academy".... (Score 1) 667

....defining English spelling and grammar like the famous "Académie française" in France or the "Office québécois de la langue française" in Canada does for the French language. As such, the English language has changed at an enormous pace, and people would be amazed that the average English spoken in the USA circa 1900 can be quite different than the English spoken in the USA in 2015.

Comment Re:Could be. (Score 1) 392

Apple chose to develop Lightning for two reasons:

1. It is definitely WAY sturdier than the MIcro USB Micro-B connector.

2. Lightning offered more I/O flexibility than the Micro USB connection.

Now that the USB Type C connector has all the physical advantages of the Lightning connector (small size, reversible and much more durable physical connections) and offers far higher throughput than Lightning (which is limited to USB 2.0 speeds), it's not a far-fetched possibility that Apple may drop the Lightning connector in favor of USB Type C on the iPhone by 2017.

Comment Re:I Disagree (Score 1) 315

It's still a terrible idea in my humble opinion, unless Hillary Clinton hired the very best IT people to diligently upgrade the server operating system, the mail server software and properly configure the server to make it as secure as possible. Otherwise, someone--including the Russian FSB and the Chinese Ministry of State Security with their excellent hackers--could have taken all of the mail from that server and she would have never known what happened.

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