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Comment Re:Admin interface open on the WAN side? (Score 2, Interesting) 272

Who has their router set to allow access to the admin interface from the wan side?

Me. I use Tomato so that I can log in remotely from work and then use WoL to boot my computer, server and NAS remotely in order to access any files I might need but it still allows me to shut my machines down when not needed in order to keep my electricity bill low.

I do however use an 18 digit password that uses mixed-case, numbers and special characters to make the likelihood of a brute force attack being successful to almost nil. I also regularly change my passwords which I know (having been in the IT field for 10 years) that most people do not.

It all comes down to using tried and true security practices in my opinion. If you use simple common sense you can avoid most of these issues outright.

1) Use long passwords with mixed case, numbers and special characters.
2) Change those passwords regularly.
3) Do not use the same password for different site logins.
4) Keep your router firmware up to date (though that would not have helped in this particular case apparently).
5) I would also add that you stay away from installing applications not obtained directly from the software vendor that wrote them (read warez). You have no idea what that copy of Windows XP Super-Ultimate Gold might be installing in addition.
6) Stay away from websites that are heavily laden with nefarious advertising such as porn, etc.

Common sense really.


Submission + - Linked In or Out?

Mr_Whoopass writes: I am the IT Administrator for a regional restaurant chain and as of late I am noticing more and more people sending me invitations to sites like LinkedIn, FaceBook, etc. Mother always taught me to be a skeptic and knowing more than the average Joe about how information can be used in this digital era, I am reticent to say the least about posting such personal details such as my full name and where I work on the net for all to see. I have thus far managed to stay completely below the radar and a search on Google has nothing on my real persona. However now times are tough and I see sales dropping in the industry I work in as it is a discretionary spending market to be sure. I wonder if I should loosen up on the paranoia a bit and start networking with some of these folks in case of the all too common layoff scenario that seems to be happening lately. What do other folks here think about this? I am specifically interested in what people who work in IT think (since I know that just about every moron that has "Vice President" or sits on the "Executive Team" is already on LinkedIn and has no clue about why they should be trying to protect their identity).

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