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+ - City of London Police take down proxy service over piracy concerns

Submitted by Mr_Silver
Mr_Silver (213637) writes "TorrentFreak is reporting that the City of London Police (a private police force in government-backed livery with an authority that does not go beyond the corporate-controlled City of London area — so not to be confused with the Metropolitan Police) has seized control of a number of domains including Immunicity, a general proxy server that was set up as a censorship circumvention tool. This appears to be their next step after placing banner adverts on websites."
The Internet

+ - Fake XBox rumour causes tech publications to do everything, except apologise

Submitted by
Mr_Silver writes "At 1:41am today (GMT) a gamer with no ties to Microsoft released some bogus rumors to some gaming and tech blogs about the next Xbox console. By 9:58am it was being reported as fact by Pocket-Lint followed shortly by Yahoo, CNET, and Gizmodo (amongst others). However as Harry Marks points out, the number of those that actually apologised for failing to perform the most basic of fact checking were few and far between. The moral of the story? Until Microsoft and/or Sony announce something, don’t believe even the most reputable gaming sites."

+ - HTC flip-flops over Gingerbread for Desire->

Submitted by Mr_Silver
Mr_Silver (213637) writes "Yesterday HTC posted the news on their Facebook page that Desire users would not get the Gingerbread update because their engineers said that it didn't have enough memory to handle the updated OS and Sense UI. Unfortunately very few people believed the reason (considering the success that Xda developers have had in doing just that) and less than 24 hours later, HTC retracted their claim and promised to provide Gingerbread for the Desire. If you don't like visiting Facebook then The Register provides the details."
Link to Original Source

+ - Times UK paywall loses 4m readers, makes money

Submitted by Mr_Silver
Mr_Silver (213637) writes "TechCrunch is reporting that The Times (a UK based newspaper, owned by News Corporation) lost 4 million readers since introducing the paywall in June 2010. However this isn't bad news as Erick Schonfeld speculates that their revenue would have increased from $200,000 to $800,000 per month thanks to the reduced visitors generating 2 to 4 times more revenue in subscription fees than the ad revenue ever did. Looks like a paywall could be a viable business case after all."

+ - Vodafone UK upsets mobile content developers

Submitted by Mr_Silver
Mr_Silver (213637) writes "In a story on Techcrunch, Vodafone UK's content adaptation engine (which reformats HTML for small screen devices, such as mobile phones) has started causing problems for developers who rely on the user-agent and ua-prof headers to do the reformatting themselves or send specialised content for that device. This chorus of disapproval is being lead by Luca Passani who develops WURFL. You can find several threads on the Vodafone Betavine portal from people expressing their frustrations over the policy."

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