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Comment: another record (Score 0) 141

by Mr_Nitro (#47634153) Attached to: Paint Dust Covers the Upper Layer of the World's Oceans
Thanks capitalism, infinite growth in a closed system ideas.... and all the 'screw this planet we going to enjoy endless singing in the rings of heaven when we die anyways' bandwagon... we are in a damn closed system, we should start to LIMIT things... think 10 times over before we embrace some crazy 'lets move 1 billions containers full of replicable goods trough the globe because we can'.... (and because the 1% just get wealthier ).... fuck all this.... we are playing Russian roulette with our heads everyday.... .. fucking sad human race...

Comment: Re:Experiment not the problem (Score 2) 315

by Mr_Nitro (#47628141) Attached to: Why the "NASA Tested Space Drive" Is Bad Science
that Sir is so good!!!! I am so fed up of IFLS websites with their zealots approach... science and expecially physics is _experiment based_ if they send the bloody drive in space and it moves... then as you said we change the goddamn textbooks. I am so fed up of these new armchair crusaders.....if someone is smart or lucky enough to come up with a crazy but working experiment he doesn't necessarily have to be able to explain the whole theory behind it, that could be someone else job. Sorry zealots but reality wins...always.

Comment: we doing it all wrong... (Score 1) 125

with a place like saudi arabia and all the bloody religious fanatic countries the ONLY thing we should export are BOOKS...books and fucking books again. And THEN after everyone damn reads them all and LEARN and understands how things works in a civilized world , we start to talk some actual business.... we are empowering states that if could have their way would bring humanity back to 1000AD... we are doing it thinking that we'll always have the upper hand....but if our side of the gear glitches.. I'lll be glad to see the heads of the military and politicians who enoforced these collaborations roll in the dust....

Comment: thank you for spending my money on shit (Score 1) 184

by Mr_Nitro (#47532601) Attached to: "Magic Helmet" For F-35 Ready For Delivery
/rant on fuck this crap, people... fuck all this military shit...seriosuly..we need other things in this world, not this nonsense... we could have free housing and food for everyone...they are not privileges..they are what everyone needs and should have. Work is just slavery and you know that, money is the ultimate enslavement tool. Wake up people.... fuck the 1% and their war shit.. and fuck religion fanatics too...

The universe is an island, surrounded by whatever it is that surrounds universes.