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Comment acoustic fusion (Score 1) 378

I would put my money on the guys at General Fusion (http://www.generalfusion.com/) ....it seems a less tricky way to extract energy and create pulsed fusion blasts rather than the other methods. Most of the tokamak design are focused on sustaining plasma, they don't even go past how to extract high energy from it, even the ITER is highly speculative in that regard. The acoustic/mechanical system has the energy extracting part already built-in in the plasma creation stage (the molten lead is used both to propagate the pressure waves and as heat exchange medium to run a steam turbine.... If I had some spare millions I'd definitely try this one eheh:)

Comment unfortunately... (Score 1) 446

the vast majority of GMO are not tailored to resist specific natural pests, leading to a decrease use of pesticides, it's exactly the opposite... GMO are usually engineered to be highly resistant to a specific type of pesiticide (round up anyone) so that we can flood the crops to our heart content with it... no thanks. "Over 99% of GMO acreage is engineered by chemical companies to tolerate heavy herbicide (glyphosate) use and/or produce insecticide (Bt) in every cell of every plant over the entire growing season. " www.huffingtonpost.com/david-bronner/herbicide-insecticide-use_b_5791304.html

Submission + - United Kingdom is set to ban popular mobile messaging application, WhatsApp.->

Mr_Nitro writes: British Prime Minister David Cameron pressing ahead with new legislation which plans to stop people from sending any form of encrypted messages. If the law is passed all online messaging services which scramble communications between their users could be banned.
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Comment Simplify and conquer: X*0 or X/0 equal X (Score 1) 1067

I propose this solution, in the castle of math it just means switching a couple of different special cases, nothing more. But it certainly makes more sense. You are multiplying or dividing by a non quantity, thus you are not performing the operation and your X remains the same. Simple as pie. Another example of math confusion is including 2 in the prime number sequence. It's a mistake performed only to abide to preexisting dogmas. 2 is clearly an even number, the correct sequence is 1,2,3,5... etc. /end rant

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