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Comment: Re:NSA doing its job (Score 1) 242

by MrRobahtsu (#45181453) Attached to: NSA Hacked Email Account of Mexican President

Exactly. We're not enemies with Mexico, but it's not a perfectly safe and stable relationship given the amount of violence on both sides of the border. If the US wants to check for drug cartel influence at the highest levels of the Mexican gov't, I don't care. NSA can spy outside our borders all it wants - go for it.

Comment: Comparing Frontier to Javascript is asinine (Score 1) 479

by MrRobahtsu (#44441559) Attached to: Remember the Computer Science Past Or Be Condemned To Repeat It?

Creating a Mac-only scripting environment in the 1980's, then complaining because users are so stupid that the market chose Javascript instead is nothing more than Mr. Whiner [sic], well, whining that cross-platform, open, networked standards won over his proprietary precious inventions. Wah, wah.

Yeah, I know Frontier is GPL now, but that wasn't always the case. Open sourcing failed proprietary products doesn't guarantee their success unless being proprietary is their only flaw. And maybe not even then.

Comment: CARDIAC (Score 1) 623

by MrRobahtsu (#43867581) Attached to: How Did You Learn How To Program?

I don't see anybody mentioning it yet, so I'll just say my first exposure to programming was a CARDIAC:

My science teacher in 8th grade (1977) asked me to look at it. I spent an hour doing a tutorial multiplying two integers using iterative adds. I then told the teacher she didn't want to use these in class.

Later I programmed a Sinclair programmable calculater, BASIC on UGA's Cyber, and finally in 1982, my own Atari 400 (Basic, forth, Action!, assembly).

Comment: Re:Krugman...and (Score 1) 540

by MrRobahtsu (#42405407) Attached to: Krugman: Is the Computer Revolution Coming To a Close?

Krugman is loud-mouth idiot. Having said that, I think he's correct that the tech revolution still has a lot of gains to make. I think he's dead wrong that it will kill poor people unless the government steps in.

In the 1980's, I was told I was stupid to major in computer science because CASE tools were going to replace programmers. In the 1990's Indian programmers were going to replace American programmers. And manufacturing jobs were supposed to disappear by in the 1970's (replaced by robots). Liberal control freaks will use any excuse to claim that there will be armageddon unless the government takes control. Yeah, some jobs have been eliminated by automation, but overall that has grown the economy and the job market. So I don't see any reason why it's been essentially wrong for 30+ years, but suddenly it's right now because Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman (tm) said it.

Comment: Why haven't you written an essay yet about H+? (Score 1) 573

by MrRobahtsu (#42121197) Attached to: Ask Richard Stallman Anything

H+ Digital Series

It's all about biologically implanted software/hardware and malware. I've watched a handful of episodes and it looks like it was made to be an advertisement for Free software (Know what's running in your own head!).

Or maybe that's too much on the pragmatic side and I should ask Eric S. Raymond.

Comment: Same ol' new and different (Score 3, Interesting) 257

by MrRobahtsu (#41488017) Attached to: Microsoft Calls For $5B Investment In U.S. Education

'We need to do something new,' he said. 'We need to try something different.'

Since education spending has tripled or quadrupled (depending on who you ask) over the past 30 years, and and educational outcomes have been virtually unchanged, yeah, dumping more money into a crumbling educational bureaucracy is really new and different. That'll probably work.

Until we do something about this, more money is not going to help any more than it already has:

Comment: Re:In other words, we should give up. (Score 1) 2247

by MrRobahtsu (#37780848) Attached to: Ron Paul Suggests Axing 5 U.S. Federal Departments (and Budgets)

Crime will go up everywhere, disease will start to spread, and education will plummet.

The quality of education has declined every year since Carter created the Dept. of Education. It started declining before that, but the Dept. obviously has done very little good, and likely, more harm.

The vast majority of public housing is NOT slums or ghettos.

Even if that is true (and I don't think it is), almost all slums and getthos are public housing, and federal intrusion virtually always ruins the neighborhood.

How many research appears have you read? studies? ever compare agency's waste to corporate waste? inefficiency? no?

Actually, I've never read a research appear, whatever that is. Corporations don't spend my money or force me at gunpoint to donate to them. I don't care how private individuals spend their money, it's none of my business. Your analogy has no validity.


Well, there it is. I bow to your impeccable logic and persuasive prose. How could I possibly disagree with such eloquence and rational discourse.

Comment: Re:In other words, we should give up. (Score 1) 2247

by MrRobahtsu (#37776402) Attached to: Ron Paul Suggests Axing 5 U.S. Federal Departments (and Budgets)

No more energy research,

OMG! No more ethanol boondoggles! No more Solyndra investments! Whatever shall we do!??

no more low income housing

Now who will create more slums and ghettos?!?!

no more parks, no more public education, , no more roads & bridges.

Ron Paul called for abolsihing all state, county and city governments! Lynch him right now!!

So, are you actually a Ron Paul supporter, or did you think listing mostly craptacular failures of fedzilla and responsibilities of local governments would actually scare people into throwing away the constitution?

Comment: Re:Where's the Super Hero? (Score 1) 590

by MrRobahtsu (#37693632) Attached to: Real Life Super Hero Arrested

Eh, no, he was just a cop doing his job trying to arrest a prostitute. IIRC, there were other under-cover cops around, also. The prostitute was just trying to get out of getting arrested. The point is, if you don't know for damn sure who the bad guy is and you intervene, you're very likely to get it wrong. She was in no danger of being raped despite the Internet Armchair Quarterback protestations otherwise.

Comment: Where's the Super Hero? (Score 1) 590

by MrRobahtsu (#37690588) Attached to: Real Life Super Hero Arrested

I read an article about a delusional criminal and kept waiting for a hero to show up. I never saw one.

Now, I've been called lots of names because I carry a gun every day, but I'm not a vigilante. Intervening in that situation was just plain stupid. No, criminal. And it could have been much worse. There's the story of the guy who heard a woman screaming rape, so he came and shot her assailant. Turned out she was a prostitute and the guy he shot was an undercover cop.

I will defend myself and my family. Intervening when you have no idea who is the good guy and who is the bad guy is a good way to end up in jail or dead. For no good reason:

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