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Comment: Re:For how long though? (Score 1) 121

by MrQuacker (#41984625) Attached to: Battery-Powered Transmitter Could Crash A City's 4G Network

There are special issue government sim cards and phone numbers that get top priority and skip the cell queue. So even if the tower is "jammed" by people calling, those phones get priority and still get through. So important communication still happens.

But by jamming the tower, none of that works.

Comment: Re:Anyone at home (Score 1) 75

by MrQuacker (#40859003) Attached to: Harvard Software 3D Prints Articulated Action Figures

Depends on the print resolution. The higher the resolution, the higher the printer price. Low resolution designs like MakerBot are cheap, and can be bought/built by almost anyone.

Also, with hackerspaces popping up all over the place, many people gain access to expensive tools like high end printers.
So you could design at home, and then go print it out. Like how we used Kinkos in the 90's.

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