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Mars Images Reveal Evidence of Ancient Lakes 128

Posted by timothy
from the older-I-get-the-wetter-mars-was dept.
Matt_dk writes "Spectacular satellite images suggest that Mars was warm enough to sustain lakes three billion years ago, a period that was previously thought to be too cold and arid to sustain water on the surface, according to research published today in the journal Geology. Earlier research had suggested that Mars had a warm and wet early history but that between 4 billion and 3.8 billion years ago, before the Hesperian Epoch, the planet lost most of its atmosphere and became cold and dry. In the new study, the researchers analysed detailed images from NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, which is currently circling the red planet, and concluded that there were later episodes where Mars experienced warm and wet periods."

+ - 3D Kids' painting tool turned SecondLife->

Submitted by mir42
mir42 (643311) writes "Impara just release a tool for creating Sculpted Prims for SecondLife(TM) based on theirs 3D kids' painting programm Plopp called PloppSL. Both Plopp and PloppSL are based on Takeo Igarashi's Teddy algorithm. The front and back side of the model are painted in 2D and PloppSL converts it to a Sculpted Prim. Both texture and model are created in one step. External mages can also imported into PloppSL by drag&drop. The tool is free to use, but further development is based on donations."
Link to Original Source

+ - Online Training Suggestions from the Slashdot Folk

Submitted by
MrPinstripeCom writes "I'm a Project Manager for a technical training and development group (recently created). Our employee base needs quick online tutorials for various internal application "how-to's" to supplement their in person live training from Operations., We've got our wish for software applications, and are using Captivate, which for our purposes works great. Beyond that, though, what techniques have you "suffered through" in terms of online training, and which ones have worked well? We don't want to have to resort to "clippi" type Avatars, but assuming a Customer Service Agent technical ability, what sort of training (web based) has been the best for you? I realize that online training is boring, but how can we spice it up and keep it relevant in content, so that it serves our purposes for deployment?"
The Internet

+ - New Web metric likely to hurt Google, help YouTube

Submitted by StonyandCher
StonyandCher (1121349) writes "In a nod to the success of emerging Web 2.0 technologies like AJAX and streaming media, one of the country's largest Internet benchmarking companies, Nielsen/NetRatings, will no longer use page views as its primary metric for comparing sites.

Nielsen/NetRatings will now begin using total time spent by users of a site as its primary measurement metric. This is likely to affect Google's ranking because while users visit the site often, they don't usually spend much time there.

"It is not that page views are irrelevant now, but they are a less accurate gauge of total site traffic and engagement," said Scott Ross, director of product marketing at Nielsen/NetRatings. "Total minutes is the most accurate gauge to compare between two sites. If [Web] 1.0 is full page refreshes for content, Web 2.0 is, 'How do I minimize page views and deliver content more seamlessly?'""
User Journal

Journal: How does your ISP handle top-usage customers? 489

Journal by davidwr

Does your ISP cap overall usage? What happens if you go over the cap? Does it force you into a higher-priced plan, throttle you for the rest of the month, cut you off for the month, or terminate your service entirely?

I don't mind paying for what I use, but I'm looking for a list of cable and DSL providers that won't leave you high and dry like Comcast does if you go over the official or unofficial limits.

Real Time Strategy (Games)

+ - The World's Most Realistic Virtual Reality Room

Submitted by
Lucas123 writes "Iowa State University's Virtual Reality Applications Center is completing a $5 million upgrade to its six-sided virtual reality room, which will now sport 100 megapixels of resolution. Besides serious research, like viewing data from as many as 22,000 genes at once and training soldiers in urban combat, the room offers some cool games. The upgrades include a Hewlett-Packard computer cluster featuring 96 graphics processing units, 24 Sony digital projectors, an eight-channel audio system and ultrasonic motion tracking technology."
Data Storage

+ - Who still uses floppy disks?

Submitted by
Charles writes "You may find this hard to believe, but some people are still using floppy disks... 4 Yes and I will continue to use them, I run a Quicken 98 account and back up with floppies because that is all I can use with the 98 version (unless anyone can advise me otherwise), and at 77 years of age I have enough floppies to last me out. Charles (Scotland)"

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