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Comment: Re:Skyhook competitor (Score 0) 215

by MrPhilby (#32218406) Attached to: Google Says It Mistakenly Collected Wi-Fi Data While Mapping
My HTC Windows Mobile has this too. I live in the middle of nowhere out of cell range and it now knows that my Wifi AP corresponds to my GPS location (the phone has GPS too) , so when I go home, even though GPS isn't on it knows I'm at home. I believe it is the Google Location Service that provides this Data to HTC.

Comment: Re:That Explains The Updated SDK (Score 0) 1010

by MrPhilby (#31279360) Attached to: iPad Will Beat Netbooks With "Magic"
Most people who read email actually like to write it too. An on-screen keyboard just doesn't cut it, and plus, the screen stays "up" on it's own, no need to be held and then when you're finished you can close it all up to protect the screen. I'm not sure anyone has actually imagined sat on the sofa with this thing, wrist aching from holding it and compensating for key presses. Awful invention, if it had come with the "oh so maligned these days" stylus it might have had some utility.

Comment: Re:Now's the Time (Score 1) 310

by MrPhilby (#31084610) Attached to: Google Buzz — First Reactions
I always"log out" of Facebook after a viewing session due to privacy concerns. The new layout makes logging out that little bit more difficult. Instead of being in the top toolbar it's now hidden in the "account" menu. 2 clicks instead of one. They really do not like our privacy and seem to be continually trying to erode it.

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