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Comment TRENDNet (Score 2) 263 263

I've had no issues with TRENDNet IP cameras.

They support FTP. And can be controlled easily enough. I have a couple scripts at home that face it outwards when I'm at work and against the wall when I'm home. And it FTP uploads to my site.

Then I set up 2 at work similarly.

Comment Re:Protection advice? (Score 4, Informative) 463 463

CryptoPrevent is nice. It sets up a bunch of group policy settings so windows prevents exe's running from locations where viruses usually run (appdata, programdata,etc). Also has rules for fake file extension like foo.pdf.exe. It's free but there's also a pay version that auto updates to add new rules as they're discovered. If it ever blocks an app you want to run you can white list specific executables.

The paid MalwareBytes is also nice also. Whenever I clean a friend or family members computer I suggest they buy it (you can still get the lifetime license key on Amazon which works with the latest 2.x which is now a yearly subscription).

Then also you should run an antivirus program (malwarebytes is meant to run along side an antivirus program). Microsoft's free one should be fine.

Then just backup a lot and preferably somewhere where if you did get infected the malware won't mess with the backups. So don't just back up to a network share or an always connected drive. Maybe backup weekly and then disconnect the drive and store in a fire safe or use a service like CrashPlan or store files in Dropbox, both of which do versioning so if encrypted files get backed up you can still restore the version from before it was encrypted.

Comment Re:ApplePay vs CurrentC (Score 4, Informative) 631 631

Apple Pay uses standard NFC.

I paid with it at CVS until they blocked it (and Google wallet)

The only apple specific part is the link between apple pay and your bank or credit card. Those same cards can be used with Google wallet. There's no lock in to Apple.

CurrentC on the other hand directly links to your bank, so you can't use credit. They need your SS# and drivers license. They store all that in the cloud and actually try to make that sound more secure than having it on your phone (btw Apple doesn't store your card info on the phone or anywhere they just store a unique device token on dedicated hardware that can only be used for apple pay purposes directly with the bank).

Also if there's any fraudulent activity with CurrentC it's all on the customer to deal with it.

They also track and log all health related purchases as well as location data and other purchase history.

CurrentC is just to collect data so they can sell it and make money it's garbage. And it won't be out for months but I have Apple pay now and want to use it and others use Google wallet.

Comment Re:Do people actually use Siri? (Score 3, Informative) 161 161

I mainly use it for reminders...

"Remind me to clean my AC filter in 2 weeks"
"Remind me to pay my car taxes on October 25th"
"Remind me to do the laundry when I get home"

Stuff like that and it works great. I don't really use it for texting or notes since it makes too many mistakes but I think that's more of my problem. I feel weird talking to a computer so I talk weird and not loud enough.

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