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Comment: Big screens are management porn... (Score 1) 30

by MrOion (#37599136) Attached to: Inside ICS-CERT's War Room

Big screens are just management porn, its only for showing off to visitors and be taken pictures in front of.

We have the same in the SOC (Security Operation Center) where I work, and it's always fun watching politicians and other "prominent" people nodding their heads when our manager explains what the screens are showing. The fact is that we never ever use that information ourself, and all the real work is done one our own personal screens.

But it can be made to look impressive, and make sure the money flows our way... :)

+ - BitTorrent distribution for a public broadcaster->

Submitted by MrOion
MrOion writes: If you want control of your content you need to lock it down in a vault and never show it to anyone. We gave up control of our content the day we started broadcasting. For years our most popular content have been available on BitTorrent and on sites like YouTube anyway. DRM doesn’t work. The only way to control your content is to be the best provider of it. If people want it on YouTube then you should publish it on YouTube or in a system that give the same experience. If people want it on BitTorrent then you should provide that. If you do it right people will come to your official publish point and you’ll end up with more control.
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Comment: What is a security expert? (Score 4, Interesting) 222

by MrOion (#29637273) Attached to: DHS Wants To Hire 1,000 Cybersecurity Experts

What is a security expert? Is it people who believe that they are experts in one single area, and that area is called security?

I work with IT security for a living, and there are many areas within that field. We have people who are good at network and data analysis, some who can reverse engineer malware, others who do a good forensics job, one group focuses on incident response and others works with standards and procedures. And this is just a few areas. Encryption is a part of this. Tempest too.

So again, what is a security expert? One who is an expert in one or all of this areas? What is DHS looking for?

Comment: Use Walled Gardens instead... (Score 2, Informative) 286

by MrOion (#29424381) Attached to: Australian ISPs Asked To Cut Off Malware-Infected PCs

It is a much better practice to use a "walled garden"[1] to give them a very limited access to the net until they have cleaned up their infection. I have seen examples of this used to give the customers access to anti-virus software and Windows update only, in addition to a set of web pages that explains why they have limited access (and how to get out of it).

This is a much better solution than just blocking the customers access to the net.


Apple Bans RSS Reader Due To Bad Word In Feed Link 254

Posted by kdawson
from the rabbit-holes-have-rabbit-holes dept.
btempleton writes "It all started when I prepared yet another Downfall subtitle parody. In this one, Hitler is the studio head, upset at all the Downfall parodies, and he wants to do DMCA takedowns on them all. (If you're a DMCA/DRM fighting Slashdotter, you'll like it.) The EFF, which I chair, blogged it on Deeplinks, and hilarity ensued. That weekend, Exact Magic, an iPhone developer, had submitted a special RSS reader app to display EFF news on the iPhone. Apple's iPhone app store evaluators looked at the RSS reader, read the feed it pointed to, and then played the linked-to video. They saw the F-word flash in the subtitles of the video, and then rejected the RSS-reading tool from the App Store. We're up to several levels of meta here — Apple has banned an app over a parody about banning, and is now parodying itself. Bonus: TFA also has the story of just how hard it is to be fully legal in obtaining the famous clip for parody."

Comment: Re:Do many companies really do EFM recovery? (Score 1) 496

by MrOion (#24905587) Attached to: The Great Zero Challenge Remains Unaccepted

You summed this up nicely. There is one more thing to add about using electron force microscopy: It takes a huge amount of time. And it is not as accurate as most people seems to think since it is based on the disks inaccuracy on where the bits are written.

How you delete your drive data depends a lot on what level of security you need. One overwrite is enough for most people. Degaussing and/or physical destruction is only needed as a prevention against theoretical recovery techniques.


KDE 4.0 Beta 1 Released 249

Posted by Zonk
from the and-they-are-just-giving-it-away-this-time dept.
dbhost writes "Along with this morning's cup of coffee and log reviews, I discovered that the KDE team is moving forward with a long awaited beta release of KDE 4.0 beta release of KDE 4.0. The most interesting item I found in the notes is that the file manager in KDE is being separated from Konqueror into a component called Dolphin. Also, according to the announcement, konsole has been treated to a number of improvements such as split view, and history highlighting."

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