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Comment Re:science was wrong (Score 1) 212

Exactly. Just because something is highly improbably does not mean it cannot happen. The occurrence of a statistical outlier does not negate the existence of factors that heavily weigh against it occurring. It just means that anyone who bet on American Pharaoh would (or at least should) have gotten extremely good odds.

Comment Re:No (Score 1) 276

The fact that this question gets asked basically every year should more than sufficiently answer the question.

True, that the question gets asked every year. But that, in and of itself doesn't disprove the existence of a trend which does not show any sign of slowing.

Oh, bullshit. Millions of people in developed nations (particularly the U.S.) have "broadband" that is a few hundred Kbps, or a couple of Mbps--let's just call it 3 orders of magnitude, or more, slower than a spinning disk.

True, but that doesn't change the fact that the companies behind these products would prefer lower functionality but ongoing consistent revenue over higher functionality but lower "lumpy" revenue. I'm the original submitter, and I have no desire to live in a world where we subscribe to everything we use rather than buy it. However, I find the trend alarming, and I don't see any hard limits that well resourced companies with an agenda and incentive couldn't get around.

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