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+ - How to educate government agencies about security?

Submitted by MrNaz
MrNaz (730548) writes "Here in Australia we are supposed to have one of the most IT heavy health care systems in the world. Yet, over the years, the general lack of IT savvy has been a problem I have butted up against repeatedly. For example, I was recently involved in a government program which required sending a list of certain patients to a government department for processing. The list had patient names, addresses, Medicare numbers and a few other details. In the instructions that I received from the department, I was instructed to generate the list as a MS Excel file, and then password protect it before burning it to a CD and mailing it. Now, we all know the folly of relying on Excel passwords to protect lost CDs from becoming an ID thief's wet dream, but how to educate the government about this? Anyway, how does this even happen? When deciding on a procedure, whichever suited bureaucrat came up with the idea could have and should have at least consulted the IT guy down the hall. How can we instill a practice whereby decision makers at least bring it up with someone in the know before making an on-the-spot decision that could result in disaster?"
Hardware Hacking

+ - DIY Production Server?

Submitted by
MrNaz writes "We need to build a file server with very specific physical dimensions. We do not have a lot of space to play with, and the weight must also be kept to a bare minimum. Server cases, especially those with 8 or more HDD bays, are far too heavy for our application. After about 30 minutes of musing constructing my own chassis from sheets of PVC, I realized that what I was contemplating amounted an ill-conceived combination of backyard DIY and deploying a server into a production environment. It seemed like a terrible idea, but for no specific reason. Having built countless PCs and servers over the years I am thoroughly familiar with thermal management issues and the importance of protection against dust and other foreign matter and have even dealt extensively with noise reduction, but perhaps there are aspects of case construction that I am not familiar with. So I thought I'd ask the Slashdot community; Are there any reasons that building a server box like this is a bad idea? Has anyone in the Slashdot crowd built their own production server box like this?"
Data Storage

+ - Online multi user file sharing and sync

Submitted by
MrNaz writes "For personal and work use, I have 2 laptops and a desktop. All of them are dual boot Windows and Linux, and I also have several VMs that I use. I want to be able to access my files from any of these machines and OSes. I've given up on maintaining a synchronized file repository, as it gets too convoluted when this many sources of change exist. So I've decided to move all my documents to be primarily stored online. At the moment, under Linux, I'm mounting a remote directory using SSHFS, and under Windows I'm mounting it using WebDrive. These solutions work, however I'm looking for a more scalable way to do this so if I wanted to provide remote file spaces for, say, 10,000 users, I could. So I ask Slashdot: What are the options for a scalable, secure remote file hosting platform that is seamless to the OS, easy for the end user and completely open source? Bonus points if there is a way to maintain local copies for offline work, and then sync with the server easily while providing an effective conflict resolution mechanism."

+ - Misrepresenting science for good?->

Submitted by
MrNaz writes "I recently received an email from the WWF asking for donations to help pandas affected by the recent earthquake in China. While I both support the mission of the WWF as well as the need for generosity in the face of natural disasters, I find myself offended by the misrepresentation of the facts of the scenario. Is the general level of education really so poor that the average person would be fooled by such a blatant play on emotion? Am I being reasonable in my quest for intellectual honesty or should I just allow white lies like this to pass given that the cause is admirable?"
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+ - A journey in i18n

Submitted by
MrNaz writes "I have recently been doing a lot of work in i18n, and have become more and more frustrated by just how badly it is currently done on the web and in software in general. I have decided to share my experiences in this area in the hope that other developers may be inspired to pay more attention to this increasingly important aspect of software development."

+ - The most amazing Chuck Norris fact ever!->

Submitted by
MrNaz writes "Chuck Norris facts have been circulating the Interwebs for some time now. Given that the only ones that really get around are those that are the most extreme and outrageous, it would seem obvious that they are a gag. However, Le Chuck has now decided that it is necessary to sue somebody to ensure that people aren't falsely duped into thinking that his tears cure cancer or that his sidekick is not capable of altering the Earth's orbit. Chuck Norris Fact 37,342: Chuck Norris is so awe-inspiring that he has to sue to make sure people don't think these facts are true!"
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