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Comment Re:Tail lights are wrong (Score 1) 549

Or one better - why are brake lights digital? There's no way to tell if the guy in front of you is lightly tapping the brakes or stomping on it hard.

Brake lights should be a "progress bar" style light, showing how hard the car is decelerating.

Once driving get totally automated, cars will be wirelessly sending that value to everyone around them, probably with some legacy old style brake lights for the few human driver holdouts...

Comment Re:Crash Mitigation (Score 4, Insightful) 549

Sure, there could be some optimizations for reducing damage in an imminent crash scenario. That's just fine tuning. Google's real goal is to get a machine driving a little bit better than the average human. It's looking like, at least in known, well mapped cities, they have achieved that.

As for letting off the brakes when getting rear-ended, that may not be a good idea - the guy in front of you may not appreciate turning a 2 car wreck into a 3 car wreck. Especially if said impact pushed them into crossing traffic.

There's some room for "can I dash out of the way" thinking, but in general that's probably a bad idea too. Being predictable to other cars is better than flitting around erratically, possibly causing other accidents.

Comment Managers & HR take note (Score 5, Insightful) 124

Mangers! Learn this lesson from history: Intel lost one of the word's greatest computer chip designers, and created their own competition by making arbitrary work requirements, and not recognizing work-life balance.

Employees are people, not machines. Your greatest talent will, at some point, say "screw you" - and start competing with you. Unless you take care of them like human beings.

Comment Re:Is it the phone or the stupid stuff installed o (Score 3, Informative) 484

Your post seems to indicate that you're turning your whole phone off & on to solve the problem. There's an easier, faster way- just cycle the wireless on & off. Procedure for those that may not yet know:
-At any iPhone screen, do a "swipe up" gesture. (Put your finger on the home button, and drag a line to the middle of the phone)
-At that pull-up menu, there are buttons to turn off & on wireless, bluetooth, etc.

And ya, what everyone else is saying. The phones are stable. It's the junk you put on them that make them unstable.

Comment Re:Evolution-De-Population of Rural America (Score 1) 110

Technology changes are making the mega-city areas more desirable. Is rural America going to be slowly boarded up?

Hu? I could live in Nowhere, Wyoming and, via Amazon Prime, get the exact same products at the same price and delivery speed as a guy in New York City.

I can, living at my semi-rural home, buy anything I need - and have it hand delivered to me. Why would I want to go to a city? What shopping is there that I can't get now?

A few years ago, for my wife's birthday, I had 50 gerber daisies shipped from central america, direct from the grower. (Surprisingly cheap, for the impact) I don't think a shop in my entire state could sell me those on short notice.

The Internet, and Amazon, has made living in rural settings more convenient and practical than ever.

Comment Animal, not plant (Score 4, Informative) 68

The headline implies that we have a machine replicating the process of a plant. The summary indicates that what they have is a vat of bacteria that are making alcohol. Not nearly as attention grabbing, considering mankind has been using yeast & bacteria to make alcohols of various forms since the dawn of time.

If they have a more efficient process with simpler (cheaper) inputs, kudos to them. But this ain't no artificial leaf.

Comment Re:Let it Decay (Score 1) 94

Woosh. The FCC mandates that they do exactly that- provide the same basic service to rural customers. It's the law. They aren't doing that, hence they are in violation of the law to the tune of $5,000,000. Same requirements apply to many other services, including roads.

Your city-centric biases don't change that fact.

Living is large cities is a relatively new concept, in the grand scheme of things. You should try to get out a little. We have very low noise, great air quality, no traffic, no light pollution, no noisy neighbors, lower crime, etc. I still can't see why anyone would want to live in a city.

Comment Assumptions (Score 2) 172

Most people are commenting about Demand Response - appliances delaying to lowering usage at peak prices. That is not what this is about.

This is about having multiple power companies, and switching between them based on price. Interesting idea, but that assumes that a person even has the option of a second power utility. The vast, vast majority of places in the US have a single, monopoly power utility.State government controls such things, and they are not easily changed.

Comment $1,000,000 idea (Score 3, Interesting) 233

I have a million dollar idea - if it doesn't' exist already. A radio head-unit upgrade to a real dream car system: physical knobs & buttons, and a USB & headphone input jack. That's it. Maybe even with no LCD display at all - just a power on/off LED.

Man, I'd buy one of those, and I bet a lot of other folks would too....

Comment Re:Great. More touchscreens. (Score 4, Insightful) 233

Ditto. I don't want a car media interface. I want dedicated physical buttons & knobs for the climate, radio volume & input selection.
And a place on the dash to mount my own phone/tablet with a nearby USB plug.

I have never seen an electronic car interface that was any good at all, and that includes every navigation system I've ever seen. My phone has better navigation (Waze rocks), better audio, and a better interface than anything a can manufacturer could ever try to copy.

I only upgrade my car every 10+ years - an even then it might not be a new car. Hey Detroit - stop trying. Give up. Let Apple/Android/[new startup] give me the tech I want. If you want to get fancy, give the phone a read-only API to the car's status.

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