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Comment: Re:It's working so well in Venezuela (Score 5, Interesting) 516

by MrLogic17 (#47406441) Attached to: Foxconn Replacing Workers With Robots

If people continue to breed as they currently do, we're going to be just fine. Birth rates globally are on the deline. As education (espcially education of women) becomes commonplace in a country, birth rates drop. We are in no danger of over populating the planet. Depending on the projection, "peak people" just might be within our lifetime.

With advancing technology. why can't everyone have a high standard of living? Technology & weath are not a zero-sum game. More people with education & skills raise the standards for all. (If you disagree, explain to me where all the silicon valley wealth was durring the stone age.)

Stop worrying about how big your slice of the pie is. Let's make the pie bigger for everyone.

Comment: Data historian? (Score 1) 57

TFS says 100 data points a second. I presume it's more like 10 sample readings of 10 sensors per second, or some such multiplication.

I want to know more about their data historian software. There's some pretty amazing real-time compression these days, but that's still going to be a good chunk of data.

I could speculate of the software & brand, but don't want to do an unpaid endorsement (or anti-endorsement).

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There's plenty of water in Africa. You haven't actually been there, have you?
I have. I've seen what what's there on the ground. There are endless well-drilling, housing, and food projects funded by the western world, and each one is a success. The problem is the local corruption and lack of rule of law. No matter how much established nations invest in the area, local corruption will un-do and destroy.

If you have a proposal for how NASA can fix this problem, I'm all ears.

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Similar story here. I wrote a game from scratch, in a dentist's office. Use lined notebook paper, spiral bound, to write out C=64 code.

I was maybe 10 at the time, and thought that number the lines with even numbers would give me room to make changes, should I want to.

Game worked perfectly, even line numbers, not so much,

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by MrLogic17 (#47142687) Attached to: To distress my enemies, I'd force on them ...

This is why I stopped surfing with sound on, years ago.

I only turn on my sound if I have something specific I want to listen to - then turn it right back off. Moving & pop-up ads cause me to close that tab on my browser, and not visit that site again.

Treat kids, dogs, and web sites the same way - do not reward bad behavior.

"But this one goes to eleven." -- Nigel Tufnel