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Comment: Re: Like a dice (Score 1) 100

by MrKaos (#49820195) Attached to: Does a Black Hole Have a Shape?

I'm still getting a few referrals from time to time.

I only ever mined Dogecoins months ago, I was way too late in the game to mine Bitcoins.

Totally agree, I did it a few years ago to try it out however once I calculated electricity costs and having to buy and update asics all the time, it didn't look like a game you could profit from.


Comment: Capital (Score 1) 465

Either you have skills or energy to negotiate as the value you bring to an organization. If you are a capitalist then that is the capital you have to work with.

If you are less experienced you are trading your time to develop skills, if you are more experienced you are trading your skills for more time.

Comment: Re:Negotiating when desperate (Score 1) 465

Yeah surely the fact that medical bills constitute the largest single source of bankruptcy in this country, even with most of those people having medical insurance, is proof that people fucked up spending too much. Those idiots shouldn't have gotten hit by a drunk driver, or sick, or hurt...

I think that it is one of the things that corporate America can do to ensure that American people always conduct a negotiation with a disadvantage in the U.S.

Comment: Re:1 thing (Score 1) 465

In one job that I took, there was the initial lowball offer, which I laughed off and said "No, really, we both know that is a low-ball value, try again". Their second offer was a bit better but still below prevailing wages.

When I was in a similar situation I changed the game by saying I would be happy to work for 4 days a weeks at that rate and would accept the role on that basis. I didn't care what the answer was because I was already employed and the extra time I would simply dedicate to additional income streams.

Your negotiation is even more compelling when both parties get what they want, it's called a win-win situation and the one time when it isn't a cliche.

Comment: Re:1 thing (Score 1) 465

How to negotiate for a better salary.

This.... because for some ridiculous reason, the salary for your next job is based upon the salary of your current or previous job. Whenever I get called by a recruiter for a position I'm semi-serious about, they undoubtedly ask me what my current salary is so they can base my future salary on it. I always lie lie and lie some more up to the point of what I think their position is worth.

Don't lie, just say 'it's confidential'. A reason will be challenged, to challenge confidentiality an inquiry first has to broach the reason for the confidentiality before they get to the answer. The answer to why it is confidential is 'it's confidential and I can't breach confidentiality agreements'. See no lying required.

Every single IT person should be negotiating salaries UP, all the time. There should never be downward salary pressure on skilled I.T staff. Please take note of this people starting in IT, you may not be very skilled now however as you get older you will be. Remember that any agism you encounter or practice is effectively a cap on your salary in the future.

IT work is hard, don't forget that. Make employers pay for either your energy OR your skills.

Comment: Re:suckers (Score 2) 127

by MrKaos (#49799329) Attached to: Thanks To the Montreal Protocol, We Avoided Severe Ozone Depletion

Any idea why they're allowed to emit the CFCs, rather than trapping them? I would expect it to be a closed system. Is this just tiny, unavoidable leaks, or is it deliberately releasing them to the atmosphere?

Yeah, it's hundreds of miles of pipes in a closed system, so they leak and it's old. Trapping it would be good, however I don't think that has been achieved. I believe that is why ultracentrifuge technology is being pursued.

Comment: Re:suckers (Score 5, Informative) 127

by MrKaos (#49788463) Attached to: Thanks To the Montreal Protocol, We Avoided Severe Ozone Depletion

CFC's were nasty chemicals, but they weren't generally crucial to modern life.... Go nuclear or give up.

It's a common myth that Nuclear doesn't contribute to greenhouse gasses however, in reality, CFC114 is the primary chemical input to enriching Nuclear fuel prior to its use in Nuclear Reactors. Several years ago I was curious about this and I used data available from the US EPA web site on licenced CFC emitters and discovered that the largest emitter there was from the Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant.

At roughly 1,500,000Kg per year it was over 5 times more than the second on the list.

The reason this is important is not because CFC's are a more potent (20,000*C) greenhouse gas, it's because CFC's affect Phytoplankton which are the creatures that produce oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide. Coupled with the secondary effect of ocean acidification from carbon absorbed from the atmosphere it interferes with the calcium content of these creatures shells forcing them deeper where photo synthesis is less effective. The same creatures are also affected by ozone depletion (which also forces them deeper) as it that careful balance of the suns radiation that allows them to produce oxygen in the first 1-10 metres of the oceans surface.

They produce more oxygen than all of the tress on earth so understanding and making sure they are ok is one of those less understood tipping points that humans are messing with.

Comment: Re:Already has (Score 1) 158

by MrKaos (#49781855) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Will Technology Disrupt the Song?

What I mean is that, for example, often one line ends and the next begins too fast for any normal person to breathe. Rap has some extreme examples of this. I recall a live performance by Eminem a few years ago where he sang most of each line but then had someone else cover the last couple of words so that he could get enough oxygen for the next line.

Maybe the guy was too out of shape to produce a performance? I remember seeing System of a Down not so long ago, when I thought it was dubious they could deliver however they delivered a massive unstoppable two hour set. There is no way a person can deliver those performances if they aren't at the top of their game physically and mentally.

Comment: Re:Already has (Score 1) 158

by MrKaos (#49781783) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Will Technology Disrupt the Song?

Even autotune is mostly used to correct singers who can't hold a specific pitch, not to extend their vocal range or otherwise make it something that can't be sung.

Correcting a singer who can't hold a specific pitch is expanding their vocal range! Maybe from zero to something, but still.

What about in a live setting if the singer is tired or sick and needs help delivering a 'usual' performance as opposed to trying to record a performance that just isn't there? Isn't that what they were made for initially?

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