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Comment: Re:Freedom is an illusion (Score 1) 170

by MrKaos (#49627893) Attached to: French Version of 'Patriot Act' Becomes Law

How is preventing people from committing acts of terrorism giving away our freedom?

Because by the very doctrine rammed down our throats it's our freedom that terrorists hate. So if we were fighting terrorism we would be *increasing* freedom, not destroying it. Giving away our freedom increases terrorism because now society cannot discover what provoked the acts of terrorism in the first place.

Society in a free country will never be a safe place from anything, however it will be free.

You should be asking So how does giving away our freedom prevent people from committing acts of terrorism? The obvious answer is, it doesn't.

Comment: Re:Oh give it a rest (Score 1) 170

by MrKaos (#49627843) Attached to: French Version of 'Patriot Act' Becomes Law
Yes, it is tired in the context of how it has been twisted and subverted from the fight for freedom to the politicians path to introduce new surveillance tools to cover acts of corruption.

That tired old appeal to "what they fought for"

In my context I was thinking of my grandfather who fought in both world wars against the very thing that is happening in our western societies today.

You know, perhaps you and people like you who spout this drivel should go to a quiet room and consider the difference between mass genocide of jews, gypsies, gays and eastern europeans by the nazis (yes, hello Godwin) plus the indescriminate bombing of civilian populations in Britain and elsewhere,

Nazism is exactly what I was considering when I posted. How these establishment of police states leads to state sponsored terrorism, which is scarier than fundamentalism in a different way.

and the recording of your phone conversations and emails on a little black box. Which if you work in any large company is already done anyway and has been for decades.

Oh, I see. Your one of these people that cheer on the erosion of peoples right to privacy because companies do illegal things. This is best compared to anal fist fucking, you may be a willing participant, but most people would not.


All things considered, that's an oxymoronic statement.

Comment: Freedom is an illusion (Score 5, Insightful) 170

by MrKaos (#49627141) Attached to: French Version of 'Patriot Act' Becomes Law

Thinking about all those people that fought in the world wars for our freedom. I wonder if they would have fought if they knew their children would piss every freedom they fought for away in a generation.

"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable." - John F. Kennedy

Comment: Re:Sort of dumb. (Score 1) 538

by MrKaos (#49625493) Attached to: Recruiters Use 'Digital Native' As Code For 'No Old Folks'

It's lot easier to convince someone to work a 12-15 hour day if they don't have to pick up the kids from school.

Any company that works that way is bound to fail anyway. Working people that hard doesn't make them productive, it makes them exhausted and prone to mistakes. Those mistakes compound into needing more time to fix - so it's generally an advanced sign of failure.

Comment: Re:Sort of dumb. (Score 2) 538

by MrKaos (#49617407) Attached to: Recruiters Use 'Digital Native' As Code For 'No Old Folks'

They might as well advertise for "Naive, spinless young suckers who'll do anything for a buck."

That's how they should advertise the job so that more experienced people don't waste their time. It's the same old story once you get there and it takes a lot of social skills and energy to walk away amicably. Most of the time it isn't a happy ending for anyone.

Comment: Australian Legislation (Score 3, Informative) 26

I did an analysis of the Australian 2014 National Security Amendments Legislation back in October 2014 and wrote to the politicians to try to stop it. I think that it is relevant here because, well frankly, Australian seems unfortunately blessed with apathetic right wing morons that it makes the construction and passing of such legislation possible and that sometimes they become a template for countries less blessed with these morons.

This legislation contains specific amendments directed at intelligence officers leaking information in light of wikileaks. Any legal opportunity for officers to leak corruption or criminal acts is now a criminal act in Australia and I would imagine that the compartmentalisation of information would allow leakers to be identified.

I am uncertain if such amendments would be constitutional in the US/UK or Canada, but they are law here now. Clearly the doctrine of fighting domestic enemies that corrupt governments, like cancer, from within will no longer be tolerated and the wheels are in motion to close that legality. My interpretation of the legislation is that the ability for these agents to do the right thing to expose criminal acts and corruption will be met with the destruction of their careers and gaol (jail) time.

I'm certain that the portions of the law that can be made legal in other Echelon (5 I's) countries, will be as soon as the constitutional implications are understood. I hope that the mechanisms that wikileaks has created is enough to protect them. I hope there is an opportunity for UK/US and Canadian citizens to stop similar legislation from passing into law in those countries.

If there was any doubt that we were on a slippery slope before the legislations I've read passed into law, then right now Australia's ass is wet and is sliding uncontrollably to being a full blown police state.

Comment: Re:human overpopulation (Score 0) 146

by MrKaos (#49608313) Attached to: Empty Landscape Looms, If Large Herbivores Continue to Die Out

The sad truth that no one will ever talk about is that there are way to many humans on the earth to ensure the rest of the animals are not brought to extinction. we need to cut the human population in half in the next 100 years (by breeding less, not killing people off) if we really want to sustain the earth

This will occur anyway with the radionuclide releases from the Fukushima accident. That will reduce the birthrate because as more of the radio isotopes get into the food chain and water table more and more pregnancies will fail.

Comment: Re:Similar to choosing an OS (Score 1) 146

by MrKaos (#49608223) Attached to: Empty Landscape Looms, If Large Herbivores Continue to Die Out

All long term issues. Give it 1-2 centuries.

That's what the left usually say, when their short-term predictions turn out to be garbage. If we're still on this planet in 1-2 centuries, we'll have far more important things to worry about.

Yeah, like no herbivores, peaked oil, overpopulation and all the other things that *scientists* have been warning us about for years.

Our generations will be known as the dithers that were too selfish to do anything whilst there was still a chance.

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