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Comment: Insightful! Govt. & US Post Office might also (Score 1) 61

by Paul Fernhout (#47736141) Attached to: UPS: We've Been Hacked

Sharing such rarely changing authentication data is at the heart of the issue as you point out. It seems like a trade-off of convenience and security with some background fraud cost. However, the issue is always convenience for who and fraud for who? In this case, banks have succeeded in mostly privatizing gains from transactions costs from credit card transaction fees while socializing the cost of identity theft to the general public (who have to change their accounts, deal with years of worries, try to straighten out fraudulent charges at riskof not being able to get a job or buy a house, etc.). This is an example of capitalism at its finest from one point of view -- privatizing gains while socializing costs and risks. That is when we need government (as the will of the People) to step in and force banks to internalize the cost of identity theft rather than pass it on indirectly. Ultimately, that might have to be done by big fines for breaches or taxes on unsecured transactions. And if banks had to do that, they would probably rapidly deploy something better because it would be cheaper than raising costs to customers and losing business to other banks that did implement better systems.

Perhaps the only worse thing is when businesses in the USA are allowed to use essentially unchangeable info about a person like date of birth or social security number to authenticate them. Other countries seem to handle this better by having an additional private PIN as part of a SSN. Some also include using the post office as part of the authentication process (like to present your ID at the post-office to approve some transaction or initiate some communications link). I'm surprised the US post office (which handles US passports now) does not get involved with authentication in general, as it seems like a surefire money-maker in the digital age, and the US post office already has procedures in place from passports to verify identity.

+ - Greens demand State hand over Keystone docs->

Submitted by mdsolar
mdsolar (1045926) writes "An environmental group is demanding the State Department fork over all of its communications over changes that were made to the final Keystone XL pipeline environmental impact review.

Friends of the Earth filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request on Monday over a correction the State Department made in its final environmental analysis on the controversial pipeline.

The change reflected a substantial increase in the number of deaths that could be caused if Keystone is rejected. The revision said that State now estimates 18 to 30 people would be killed each year from the increase in oil shipments by rail without construction of the pipeline. Earlier estimates had said six deaths but that was under a three-month period.

Friends of the Earth called the statistics "highly questionable" and wants to know what prompted the change. They are asking for all staff communications over a five-month span.

"More questionable still is what prompted the State Department to update these particular numbers while neglecting numbers that show how Keystone XL would catalyze an increase in emissions," said Luisa Abbot Galvao of Friends of the Earth.

In the final impact review, the department said Keystone XL would not significantly contribute to greenhouse gas emissions, a finding that hasn't sat well with environmentalists.

Friends of the Earth wants all records between State's staff and lobbyists or other individuals representing pipeline developer TransCanada, and Environmental Resources Management, the contractor that worked on the final environmental review.

Its request asks for all of the communication, contracts or agreements made between State and TransCanada from January to June of this year.

It also asks for documents on the oil rail analysis, greenhouse gas emissions and mitigation measures compiled in the same time period."

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+ - Canada-to-NYC power line receives environmental approval->

Submitted by mdsolar
mdsolar (1045926) writes "The U.S. Department of Energy has completed its environmental review of a $2.2 billion project that will run a 330-mile electric line from Canada to New York City.

The 1,000-megawatt transmission cables will have a 5-inch diameter and run underwater or underground for the line’s entire length. The project, called the Champlain Hudson Power Express, will siphon hydro and wind-produced energy from the Canadian border to a converter station that will be built in Astoria, Queens, and feed into the Consolidated Edison system.

Transmission Developers Inc., the Albany-based company developing the project, claims the transmission line would reduce energy costs for customers by as much as $650 million per year, creating an average of 300 construction jobs over the four years it takes to build."

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Comment: Re: Jurisdiction 101 (Score 1) 370

by MrKaos (#47734785) Attached to: UK Police Warn Sharing James Foley Killing Video Is a Crime

Terrorists don't "win" every time you get a little inconvenienced in life.

Foley was inconvenienced as he won't be able to conduct the rest of his life. Smashing this form of oppression is the duty of anyone who actually values democracy because democracy suffers insults like this everyday. You may not be a tewwowist, but you seem to be the type of coward that would be dressed in black clobbing protesters for exercising their rights. You're a different kind of oppressor, you may live in western society and we may tolerate your slimey cowardly presence, however your as much as a threat to democracy as any tewwowist.

Look where these "little inconveniences" have got us, surveilance everywhere, checkpoints at airports, borders, a full Terror State based on fear. It's not a "little" inconvenience anymore.

Are you begging your government to pull troops or pay ransoms?

I don't beg. When I lobby government I express my will. If more people did it we wouldn't be in this situation in the first place. Tewwowist attacks are as wrong as our governments and businesses not living up to the standards we set for ourselves whilst they "to protect our interests".

Are you converting to their flavor of Islam?

Fuck you. First, I don't beleive that a combination of religious and state law is a expression of democracy, it's another form of oppression. Second Islam has purpetrated gross human rights violations *before* tewwowism was even on the map, with their oppressive hadiths from ignorant mullahs.

There isn't a terrorist group on the PLANET who's goal is to merely afflict you with first world problems via acts or threats of violence.

Idiot. Tewwowism is *THE* first world problem because of oppresive, dickless, ballless cowards such as yourself who hide behind a gun. You don't even have the balls to attach your own name to what you say. You deserve contempt

what separates it from military action, criminal acts, etc., any of which can be equally or more terrifying at the hands of sadists.

Jeez, you are an ignorant idiot. The Nuremburg trials established that "Just following orders" is not an excuse for criminal acts. Crime is crime and we *already* have a framework established for dealing with it without turning ourselves into a police state by cowtowing to moronic, cowardly fools such as yourself. Our democracy is not only under attack by tewwowists, it's under attack by morons like you who will happily turn us into a police state. Papers please.

You are the oppressor and the same type of person that existed in Nazi-land so I'll use my constitutional rights to resist and defeat you and the tewwowists.

Comment: Re: Jurisdiction 101 (Score 1) 370

by MrKaos (#47734689) Attached to: UK Police Warn Sharing James Foley Killing Video Is a Crime

You would have even the moderates up in arms if you did that publicly. Remember the Danish cartoonist a few years back, normally quiet muslims in Asia went apeshit, and the death threats came rolling in.

You are right, it's because there are moderate and average islam people out there that deserve consideration that I'd balance my decision to do anything distasteful. I'm not certain how to do anything other than ignore them and focus on things I can do in my own country. There is our governments moronic response, perhaps it is enough that the tewwowists think they acheived something and there are a few more geezers that end up learning about exercising their rights.

Our problem is that we are being manipulated as much by the media as we are by the tewwowists. I think comedy is a powerful weapon to use against these assholes because it shows them that they may be able to kill a journalist doing their job but they are largely irrelevant in our day to day lives.

Comment: Ooops! (Score 3, Funny) 143

by jd (#47734597) Attached to: Google Wants To Test Driverless Cars In a Simulation

Found a bug in physics.c, those cars we mass produced last year will spontaneously explode after 367 days of exposure to an atmosphere containing oxygen, or when white lines are painted rather than vinyl, or when attempting a corner of a prime number of degrees when speeding on a cambered road.

Why wasn't this spotted sooner?

Because we hadn't expected to need chemistry or non-Euclidian geometry in a physics engine.

Comment: Re:Perhaps this won't be a popular view... (Score 1) 222

by jd (#47734539) Attached to: "MythBusters" Drops Kari Byron, Grant Imahara, Tory Belleci

Then make the episodes longer. Or have one set of presenters on the first show (they're usually paired) and the others on the second show. Or eliminate redundant footage so that you can have two or three times the content. Or eliminate the advertisers, sorry adverts, and get three times the running length.

Comment: Re:Not sure if gone (Score 1) 222

by jd (#47734503) Attached to: "MythBusters" Drops Kari Byron, Grant Imahara, Tory Belleci

Discovery got caught using fake footage in documentaries. No scientist should be working with a channel that is peddling fraudulent material. History lost a lot of reputation with their academically bogus Ancient Aliens stuff, but at least they didn't try to offer photographs and videos they themselves doctored as "evidence".

If the three have projects worth taking seriously, they won't be projects on Discovery. HBO has less of a credibility issue.

Comment: Re:Conservatives hate Fred Phelps (Score 1) 94

Nobody liked Fred except the 100 brainwashed family members in his "congregation". I was thoroughly disappointed with the gay community's reaction to his death, I had been looking forward to a Brazilian style Mardi Gras at Fred's funeral. Turns out they have a lot more self respect and common decency than Fred, who knew?

Comment: Re:Turn it around: (Score 1) 94

The right to free speech does not mean a university has to provide the publishing infrastructure to make that speech. By logical extension of your standards universities must also provide spray cans so that students can spray paint their thoughts onto the campus buildings. Also Fred Phelps is not a defender of free speech , he's a serial pest who harrases people at family funerals, I really wish more of his victims used the "fighting words" defense as an excuse to beat the shit out of the repulsive little turd.

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