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Comment: Re:Java in itself is not the problem. (Score 1) 1267

by MrJack5304 (#21954524) Attached to: Professors Slam Java As "Damaging" To Students
Alot of the things you reference here are great points, and I agree that Java in and of itself is not the problem. Good programming practices are built over time. The more you program and the more real systems you are involved in, the more refined your skills become. School can only take you so far with programming. They can teach you all of the concepts in the world, but at the end of the day until you are involved in a job or some sort of meaningful team project, you don't really understand good programming practices.

I will say though, if you go through college and at the end of your degree you have only worked with Java, there are some serious problems with the university's program. You really need to work with many different languages to truly understand programming concepts.

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