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Comment: Buying a house (Score 3) 399

by (#44529077) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How Do I Request Someone To Send Me a Public Key?

I ran into this situation very recently, im in the process of buying a house. It was a bit of a shock to me how much personal information they wanted. And most through email. And how my data is being passed along from business to business without good security.

I use good practices on my side like two factor authentication, and ssl on everything, even a bit of pgp. But the other side who knows.

Comment: Simple very strong passwords (Score 1) 563

by (#32966542) Attached to: Passwords That Are Simple — and Safe(?)

Ive found a pretty simple way of making very complex passwords.
There are many many combinations to this method:

8 char, lowercase, uppercase, numbers, special char, no dupes.
Look where the keys are, and when the shift key is used.
You can get pretty creative with this method.

Comment: ISP's (Score 2, Interesting) 315

by (#18296048) Attached to: Game Theory Computer Model Backs Net Neutrality
They talk as if we have a lot of choice of which providers we can pick from, well most people don't.

This whole thing of charging Content Providers more to built better pipes is BS. Thats what the whole tax cut for ISP's was about, to build better pipes and to save money by the tax cuts.

As we all know cable internet is much faster then phone copper. And to update copper they need too put in fiber, which cost us.
Cable doesn't have that issue. It does cost a bit more, but you get much better speeds.

So what if all the ISP's started charging CP's? Cable would make a killing with no return to the consumer, DSL wouldn't get that much of an upgrade, not for awhile. Even if DSL co's did put in more fiber to the neighborhood DSLAMs, they still cant match what Cable can do.

So its a Loose Loose for both sides. Cable, no better speeds, DSL, a little better speeds... when ever they get around to it, and not that much better of speeds.

From what ive been told is that they(ISP's) need a better backbone, and better pipes within the ISP. For the copper lines they really need to have a damn good plan in place.

"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary saftey deserve neither liberty not saftey." -- Benjamin Franklin, 1759