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Comment: Re:Alternative to batteries (Score 1) 281

by MrDoh! (#49450591) Attached to: The Myth of Going Off the Power Grid
I was used to this when living in the UK. Moved to the US, got the pool filtering 80% of the time at night, turned on the washing machine at night, after a year of this, wife asks why I do all this at night. "electricity is cheaper at night" "is it?" "of course...wait. maybe, lets ask your brother, he works for the power company" /askBrotherInLaw "hahahahha! No! we managed to get that killed quickly, some people tried it, and we can offer that if you /really/ want, but we stack it up so much, that you'll never make a return on the investment for all the equipment you need to plug in for a big building (and we don't offer it to regular consumers, only big office buildings that beg, so, yeah,not a chance. We've stacked it to cost you so much more than regular electricity rates" !So... that's great.

Comment: Re:Not 'Bring back old Start menu' in the top 5? (Score 1) 159

by MrDoh! (#49402997) Attached to: The Most Highly Voted Requests In Windows 10 Feedback Pool
Aye, think after all this time, it's muscle memory to CTRL-ALT-D or a dosprompt, ctrl-alt-N notepad, 'v' for visual basic->visual studio, Still faster to setup once and how I've done it since very first version of windows I used. Can simulate it a bit making a folder on the desktop, drag it down to the taskbar, but... it feels messy. They brought Desktop back and shrunk the metro thingy, would be great to not have to install Classic Start Menu, but if I have to, so be it! So far, Win10 seems pretty decent, but as with Win8, there's that bit of customisation that MS used to do that now seems tucked away to 3rd party utilities.

Comment: Not 'Bring back old Start menu' in the top 5? (Score 1) 159

by MrDoh! (#49402401) Attached to: The Most Highly Voted Requests In Windows 10 Feedback Pool
STILL the thing I'm missing. Sure, bring the Metro thingy up some place, but also have the Programs that cascade, so I can install stuff, right click and sort (or move things around as I like, and easily assign Ctrl-Alt-letter shortcuts. It's worked from Windows 286 (that I remember), all the way upto this Metro UI rubbish that slows down power users. Why even start menu/start to type when you can just hotkey a dosprompt, and if you don't have it setup, then at least navigate to where you think it might be.

Comment: Start Menu (Score 4, Insightful) 240

by MrDoh! (#49263227) Attached to: Windows 10 Enables Switching Between Desktop and Tablet Modes
If only they put the original start menu structure back in one of those modes, maybe an 'enterprise' or 'user with 20years experience on windows' option. Still need to install 'Classic Start Menu' to make things sane. Users I deal with will never switch to metro, they love using Desktop to dump all those files they're working with, at least can boot into Desktop mode now to save metro flashing up. but.. STILL need the start menu. Have the Metro 'view' slide into place when you select that menu, but for all that's workable, PUT BACK THE START MENU.

Comment: Worst of everything (Score 1) 243

by MrDoh! (#48854947) Attached to: Could Tizen Be the Next Android?
it looks terrible, doesn't have apps, compatibility (fixable), other company support, dev loving. I get that some beancounter is probably saying "hey, we pay Google 5 bucks per phone, if we didn't have to pay that, we'd make more profit", but breaking everything isn't the solution. And how they ignore their users for years over touchwiz, I'm not too trusting that Tizen will give users what they want. It /can/ be fixed a bit, by making a Cyanogenmod like version of it, release the base code somewhere, like ASOP for Android, and it would get some love from the dev community I'm sure. But will/can samsung set it free? From past experience they want everything kept very close.

Comment: Sounds fair (Score 3, Interesting) 437

by MrDoh! (#48763151) Attached to: Is Kitkat Killing Lollipop Uptake?
Usually jump all over new ROM's, new OS updates, all part of the fun. Though... I'm still not sure about this new Material look to everything. Running on a AMOLED, and rarely go outside, I prefer the black background, holo look. So... the 'xp feel' is spot on, I'm in a good place, everything works, and it looks good.

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