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Comment Re: Oh, they're a big company, (Score 1) 527

You will. One machine (win7 upgrade), no messages at all, all the others, yeah, the 365, the store, the 'new features to windows 10' (really? a couple of weeks after installing, NOW you're telling me all the cool things I've already been using?). The notifications window could/SHOULD be a thing of wonder, same as it works on Android, but I suspect it's going to be the next vector for mass amounts of spam (that Android USED to get until better controls for managing were added, MS will get around to it eventually). Not seen the Bing message yet though, maybe a bit more time.

Comment Re:Ulterior motive implied (Score 1) 198

Exactly what a few of us were commenting on. That it's go so many antennae for 2.4 that goes further, I'd expect these routers to be standard for Google Fiber installations to start throwing cell phone wifi coverage further out for people to hop on, and scatterings around other places too. One router patch away. Probably the sell would be 'earn extra data on YOUR Fi bandwidth if you share a small % of your home bandwidth out when you're not using it, here's some helpful friendly charts showing you how it'll work and how little it'll impact you". The main sticking point for non-Google Fiber will be the existing ISP's who as part of your subscription forbid the reselling of bandwidth, But with net neutrality, and encryption, they shouldn't be able to tell if you're sharing some bandwidth or using your own phone at home and voip. After them selling a lot of their tech to this router company/cross licensing patents, knew this was only going to be a matter of time. Look forward to someone tearing down these routers to see if there's anything else interesting about them over a regular router.

Comment Re:apple? (Score 4, Funny) 118

And after the first dozen accidents, Apple will trot out experts who claim that the 'drivers' were 'sitting in it wrong' and iCar 8 will fix the problems current drivers are having, but you'll need a new car to get the benefits. Plus, you won't be able to drive and listen to music at the same time, and if you buy the car with an AT&T plan, you'll only be able to drive 50 miles a week before you have to pay for more mileage.

Comment Re:He wasn't able to give it up. (Score 1) 466

Hmm, would it help if remoting to a datacenter in the NorthWest being powered/cooled by hydro? Ok, still the comms gear local but perhaps we can shift resources to where the power is with a bit of smarts. Sync'd machines over the US to take advantage of where the sun/wind/hydro is most efficient! Makes little sense in small scales, but scaling up, doable perhaps (depending on the tasks).

Comment Not sure this too valid (Score 1) 170

Not after playing with Win10 for the last day and a half. This isn't running smooth at all, the app store is down more than it's up (fair enough, everyone will be hitting it hard for updates, but even so, timeouts for this? odd for MS to not have the machine/bandwidth, unless it's others trying to mess MS about). At this point, to just have a box that plays games without having to fix windows permissions/dcom/registry tweaks, and connect upto the gaming rig that's doing nothing but run steam? I'm tempted.

Comment Re:Yeah, be a man! (Score 4, Insightful) 608

And without him to show up the lies, there'd be a huge procession of insiders lining up to say that what he released wasn't actually true. The spin would go into full force and 2 years from that date, 99% of citizens would believe he stole fake information and that there was no spying on everyone.
Wasn't sure about him fleeing at first, but the amount of trash thrown at the wall to try and stick, only to be proved wrong by him later revealing further leaks proved what was going on, showed he did the right thing for the people to stay outside the reach of the US law. One day he'll get a medal, but it'll be awarded posthumously.

Comment Re:The important details: Slower and over 540$ (Score 1) 75

Totally. I'll be running Titan X on my gaming rig, but a small NUC/media/remote to stream box? Sure, tweak up the gfx a bit for lightweight gaming. Having this as the 'bottom end' of gfx, will at least let game devs know what's likely to be out there for the huge amount of dell boxes being shifted. I'm also curious how having these sorts of gfx chips will let DX12 + higher end gfx card work. Can they add a few extra frames per second without judder?

Comment Re:Shocking (Score 1) 256

What's the law agency above an Attorney General? This seems to be a fairly clear corruption case surely? Why WAS this AG following orders from the MPAA? Was monies given to him for.. election? (dunno how it works, I'm a Brit). And if there's not a state law on these kind of shenanigans, surely there has to be something higher up? No idea what law technically is being broken here, but if this had gone through, Billions knocked off Google's stock price, who could they sue over this? Or is that why it was being done this way, as the AG is immune from lawsuits?

Comment For real damage, why just a gun? (Score 1) 216

Someone/somewhere will put a large firework on a drone and fly it around. Then someone will put firecrackers. Then someone will put a grenade/IED. Kinda inevitable, bad guys will put bad things to kill people. A drone can get further range than throwing. Rockets work but can you get them into the spot you'd want to take someone out? Only surprise to me is if Hollywood hasn't done it yet. They've shown it a few times with a radio controlled toy car (Dead Pool I think).

Comment Re:Good luck! (Score 1) 56

How many will they need? can they just use 192.168.x.x for most stuff and have a giant NAT to route/censor stuff through? Why would they want anyone outside connecting up to servers inside the country? or... Once Starbucks sets up, they'll hop onto their wifi and keep sharing that out.

Comment Re:Hmmm .... (Score 1) 25

Good point. I've dabbled with some Google Glass on hardware that was a bit below spec, and the most I've managed is 20 minutes and then I need to lay down on the floor in a dark room and wait for everything to stop spinning/warping slightly. Faster response helps, but it's still there, so the VrV % is an excellent thing to bring up. I used to play Doom a LOT and get Doom Dreams with that movement. Other games don't seem to mess things up for me, but always suffered badly from sea sickness if I can't see the horizon, wonder if there's some 'focus point' that VR can get we can always have as that point that's stable to help with this kind of nausea. Hmm.

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