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Comment: PR needs to talk to tech (Score 5, Insightful) 390

by MrDoh! (#47482009) Attached to: Verizon's Accidental Mea Culpa
Was obvious people were going to figure out everything Verizon was saying is BS, and that they'd continue to get bad press about this. You'd think the PR droids spouting this stuff would talk to their tech people and listen. But they probably said "look, just give us a pretty graphic right?" "But, techs will see through your spin" "Leave that to us" "But it'll make us look even worse" "You don't get paid to deal with this" All too predictable, and the same techs are probably still being yelled at.

Comment: Re:Why should Lenovo support their main competitor (Score 2) 125

Yeah, the second MS announced their Surface devices, the first thing I thought of was "well, that's every single PC maker now in competition with MS, and MS doesn't play well with others if history is anything to go by" Got a Dell Venue Pro when it first came out cheap, to have a play. And after a few bios upgrades, 8.1 upgrade, constant windows updates, driver upgrades, it's almost workable. Pick it up, let it install the updates, and in 10minutes or so after powering up and eventually locking onto the local network signal (that the very last update seemed to fix), it's good to go! And then... Even skipping the horrendous UI, that's clunky on the small screen, it simply doesn't feel as 'quality' as the Nexus7 I also use. Windows, use it on the laptops/desktops/servers, it works and works well, but for tablets, it's still stuck in that odd twilight of functionality that means it's not perfect for anything. Ok, there's going to be some sales for people who want to access MS Office files on a tablet? No, I don't think there really will be that many. And if you DID want that functionality, the 'safe' choice is going to be a MS laptop/Surface device. So I totally get why Win tablet sales are next to non-existent, and why makers of these devices are going to flee the platform and follow the rush to the bottom of other Android maker devices.

Comment: Re:So will he go to jail upon return to the US? (Score 0) 190

by MrDoh! (#47348297) Attached to: Eric Schmidt and Entourage Pay a Call On Cuba
Aye, it's the Floridian Cubans stopping this. If they really wanted to get rid of the regime, they'd remove the blockade in an early morning vote. The cruise ships would be sailing by dinner, in Havana by evening. Within a week, property along the coast would be snapped up, in in 3 months, condos/villas/hotels all along, with a mass invasion of tourists and their dollars. Under that influx, things would change. But people who can make it happen don't want to as it's advantageous for votes/power. I look forward to going as a Brit, but it's tricky for my US wife, has to jump through some odd hoops.

Comment: Re:Just imagine "if" (Score 5, Insightful) 347

by MrDoh! (#47249903) Attached to: Congressman Asks NSA To Provide Metadata For "Lost" IRS Emails
This is hilarious. If they CAN get the info, it makes everyone in government VERY nervous, if they can't get it, then the next thing this congressman should bring up is "why the heck are we funding the NSA if they don't actually seem to do anything?" Ok, the NSA's answer to that is "we do lots of stuff, but we can't tell you about it, it's secret".

Comment: Re:I beg to differ. (Score 1) 370

So I google a name of someone I'm about to do business with, nothing comes up now. I enter into a business relationship with this person, who then rips me off again. Can I sue the government for hiding this information away from me? I'd not have entered into this if I'd have known. Caveat Emptor is one thing, as long as you CAN do your due diligence, but for it to be hidden away on purpose here, and as shown, people with crimes are going to hide it, who's responsibility to find this out is it when they do these acts again? Sure as heck ain't Google,

Comment: All part of the plan. (Score 4, Interesting) 39

by MrDoh! (#46840389) Attached to: Google Mulling Wi-Fi For Cities With Google Fiber
So all those 'free' connections (well, 300 bucks for life wasn't it?) with their wireless routers provided. They flip that 'on' switch, bathe the entire area with open wifi signals, let Google Voice be used as VOIP, and tell the telcos/wireless carriers to do rude things to themselves in the dirt.

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