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Classic Games (Games)

Hank Chien Reclaims Donkey Kong High Score 122

An anonymous reader writes "If you can say anything about Hank Chien, it's that he evidently doesn't take defeat very well. Sure, he knew not so deep down that his Donkey Kong World Record score wouldn't last forever, but he couldn't have foreseen that it would have been toppled so quickly. Twice, even. But he also knew that more Kong competition would be coming his way; namely Richie Knucklez Kong-Off in March. So Hank had something to prove, and prove he did. Scoring a massive 1,068,000 points in less than three hours, Hank has officially reclaimed the high score in Nintendo’s 1981 arcade classic."
PC Games (Games)

DC Universe Online To Launch January 11th 49

Sony Online Entertainment has announced that their long-awaited superhero MMO DC Universe Online will be launching on January 11th in the US and January 14th in the UK. The game will be available for Windows and the PlayStation 3. Massively recently wrote up their impressions from the beta test, and a preview at The Escapist said this of the combat: "Based on my early experiences, the action of DCUO is a lot of fun. You can lock onto targets, but there is no auto attack button. To take down enemies, you must click a button to punch or fire a ranged attack. The brawler-style action feels like a wham-bang comic book. Scenery is not just difficult terrain; picking up barrels and tossing them at your foes is sometimes necessary for tough encounters. Leveling up your skills unlocks combos, with varying effects that can interrupt enemies from pulling off that devastating fire breath or stunning punch. ... The only downside with such frenetic combat is that the keyboard and mouse interface isn't really conducive to all this action. It's hard to follow up nine short left clicks with a long right button click. While I was visiting SOE's offices, I was able to play with a PS3 controller, and this control scheme was preferable."

Comment Re:Only the engine was released (Score 4, Insightful) 74

These games from the Humble Indy Bundle have not been released under a free license, nor does it appear they will be. All that is being released are their engines.

Following the ID tradition.

There are already dozens of free software game engines available with no free software games which use them.

And because of Engine only releases Open Source developers have been able to produce a host of new games. From the Quake engines alone we have Tremulous, Warsow, Alien Arena just to name a few.

Having a proven Engine under your Project allows developers to focus on Assets and Level Design and tweaking the gameplay to a much larger degree than is possible if developing the engine as well.

There is another benefit to the original developers and users in that their games survive onto the next era of computing and gaming devices.(iPhones, Androids and insert your favorite tablet device here)


Submission Phonautogram beats Edisons Phonogragh as first rec-> 3

MrCopilot writes: "You may remember an April Fools hoax a few years ago about audio captured on clay pottery that made its way around the net. Or you may remember the Mythbusters covering the possibility (Busted, If I remember correctly). Leaving Edison as the first able to "record" audio for future playback. Well, not exactly. According to the NYTimes, that honor goes to a Frenchman named Édouard-Léon Scott de Martinville, who "recorded" a 10 second clip of "Au Clair de la Lune" on of all things, PAPER, almost 20 years before Edison and his tin foil and nearly 30 years before the wax cylinder.

Scott's device had a barrel-shaped horn attached to a stylus, which etched sound waves onto sheets of paper blackened by smoke from an oil lamp. The recordings were not intended for listening; the idea of audio playback had not been conceived. Rather, Scott sought to create a paper record of human speech that could later be deciphered.
The NYTimes article has even included the clip in MP3 format. Holy Digital Conversion http://mrcopilot.com/2008/03/ancient-audio-and-phonautograph.html"

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Submission WikiLeaks Uncensored->

MrCopilot writes: "Thanks in no small part to the efforts of The EFF and others, the honorable District Judge Jeffrey S. White has withdrew an earlier order blocking the wikileaks.org domain name resolution.

"There are serious concerns that the court has, and serious questions raised, about the effectiveness of any order that this court might issue given the current state of affairs," Judge White said, lamenting the fact that constitutional law might not be able to keep up with technological change.

Yeah, censorship is hard. I feel for you. I mean, how are we supposed to hide tax evasion now. http://mrcopilot.blogspot.com/2008/02/wikileaks-uncensored.html"

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Submission IBM ready to PowerUp Free MMO->

MrCopilot writes: "IBM has launched a new Free 3D educational MMO to teach children about environmental science.

PowerUp has kids trying to save the planet Helios from ecological disasters alone or in groups.

If any one out there is listening, Planet Helios is being destroyed and we need your help!

Sadly no Linux or Mac Client. I'll get back to you on Wine support. http://mrcopilot.blogspot.com/2008/02/ibm-ready-to-powerup-free-mmo.html"

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It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission WikiScanner Creator's Booksthatmakeyoudumb

An anonymous reader writes: Virgil Griffith (Caltech graduate student and creator of the WikiScanner) has produced a so-called Booksthatmakeyoudumb list by correlating Facebook's data on which books were most popular at listed colleges with data on each institution's average SAT/ACT scores. Near the bottom of the list were books by Zane, the Holy Bible, and 'Fahrenheit 451,' while at the other end of the list were 'Lolita,' 'Freakonomics,' 'Atlas Shrugged,' and 'Catch-22.' Virgil remarks, 'Yes, I'm aware correlation != causation. The results are hilarity incarnate regardless of causality.' He has also produced a similar list for Musicthatmakesyoudumb.

Feed Engadget: Motorola CEO Greg Brown takes personal control of phone division->

Filed under: Cellphones

The drama at Motorola just keeps coming -- apparently CEO Greg Brown has now taken direct personal control of the mobile phone division in an effort to turn it around. Of course, this move -- announced in an internal email leaked to Reuters -- comes in the wake of buyout rumors and Motorola's own admission that it might spin the handset unit off. We're not certain what steps Greg plans to take now that's he holding the reins, but we might know some people who might have some ideas.

[Via RCR Wireless News]

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Submission Why Lessig is for Obama

LinuxOnEveryDesktop writes: Larry Lessig put up a very compelling 20-minute presentation on why Barak Obama is the best candidate out there for the presidency. In particular, he addresses what he and Hillary Clinton have in common — but more importantly where they differ, and why that really, really matters.

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