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+ - Microsoft Kinect reverse engineered->

Submitted by MrClever
MrClever (70766) writes "It was bound to happen eventually but within just hours of the European launch of the Microsoft Kinect, Hector Martin not only wrote a Linux driver for it, but released the source code too. In doing so he scooped the bounty from adafruit industries (link also has video of code in action) who also kicked some coin toward the EFF too. Congratulations Hector!"
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+ - Australia's Internet Madness Continues->

Submitted by MrClever
MrClever (70766) writes "Australians would be unable to access the internet without having anti-virus and firewall programs installed and a virus-free machine under a new plan put forward by a year-long parliamentary cyber-crime inquiry.

A prominent cyber-security consultant, Alastair MacGibbon, who is a former director of the AFP's Australian High Tech Crime Centre and eBay's former security chief, has called for the proposal to be taken a step further by forcing ISPs to monitor the security of users' machines and block them from connecting if their browsers, security and operating system software are not up to standard."

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+ - A growing storm for Australia's largest ISP-> 1

Submitted by
MrClever writes "Australia's largest ISP BigPond are currently experiencing the largest outage in living memory. Inital reports from affected subscribers suggest the fallout is covering a large proportion of the eastern seaboard. Having spent 45 minutes on hold the word from Telstra is the problem is "major", there is no estimated time to resolution at this stage, and it affects every ADSL subscriber in NSW and Victoria. However, some reports are suggesting the problem extends north in Queensland."
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