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Comment: Turns out (Score 1) 307 307

No, t turns out most people don't want an EV to be FUNCTIONALLY DIFFERENT than the cars they know. Plugging it in every night is fine- until the night you forget, or the kids knock the plug out. Then you have no car the next day.

A car, for most people, is not something that you can realistically be only one day away from not having the use of, which there is some risk of with an EV, much greater at any rate than a normal car. That's why hybrids sell OK while real EV cars generally have not.

I'll put a side chiding in for super funky dash boards of some EV cars I've been in that are vastly too large for the space the car has.

Comment: Re:Industrial accidents happen (Score 1) 318 318

The regular safety measures weren't in place because they were installing the systems, so most likely they had people working on different things and someone started testing their piece without realizing it was already connected.

Right. Standard procedure (not just with robots but with many industrial systems) usually involves the person working on the system installing a lockout tag on the controls, and anyone removing the lockout tag without checking with the person who put it on is in deep shit trouble.

Comment: Re:One bogus comparison (Score 2) 127 127

You do know that the only difference between firing a non-union worker and a union worker is that the union worker has to be fired for a reason that management can document, right? A non-union worker can be fired on the spot for no reason whatsoever. A union worker has the right to progressive discipline up to and including termination.

Stop spreading the lie that union workers can't be fired. They can, it's just harder for management to do so, because they have to have an actual valid REASON (shock horror why do they hate America).

Comment: Re:Profit over safety (Score 1) 127 127

Except for unexpected downtime a GM (does that mean 'general manager'?) has no influence at all on power production or sales and hence his salary is in no way related to the power production of 'his' plant.

Yes, nobody ever has their bonus determined by things that they have no control over. No company ever deliberately structures their bonus program in a way that minimizes them by making the conditions for a full bonus impossible to achieve. They can still say "up to 10% bonus", because 1% is a valid value of "up to 10%".

Oh wait, no, lots of them do that.

Comment: Re:Intelligence is part of the problem (Score 1) 178 178

That sense of being stigmatized could just be another way your depression is expressing itself.

Getting fired isn't your depression manifesting itself. Go ahead, tell me with a straight face that a majority of employers out there wouldn't fire your ass if they found out you were in treatment for depression. They may not even have a choice in the matter; their liability insurer could require it.

Comment: Re:Unhealthy society. Not just in business or tech (Score 0) 178 178

Doctors telling employers that a worker is burned out and needs rest? Those employers actually listening? Employers required to pay sick leave? No mandatory unpaid overtime? Bosses giving a fuck about an employee's quality of life?

What are you, in ISIS? Here in 'murica you are your employer's bitch, and don't you forget it!

Comment: Re:Unhealthy society. Not just in business or tech (Score 1) 178 178

And I would not want to hire someone who looks like they will be a burnout in 5 years.

Of course you wouldn't. They obviously don't work hard enough. You want the folks that you can work into the ground in 6 months or so, then fire them for having human reactions to extreme overwork and burnout, and replace them with someone else who makes less money. Lather rinse repeat. Take a bath in all the money that you've made off of others' hard work and sacrifice. It's the American way.

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