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Comment Re: Imbicycles (Score 3, Interesting) 177

In London, bicycles effectively use about 2MPG of diesel by slowing large numbers of buses and trucks to the position where they are unable to get out of low gear. They are one of the biggest causes of pollution from diesel.

If you got the damn bikes of the road, the diesel vehicles would pollute far less.

And, as for public transport - sure, take your desktop computer, server or laser printer (or even your weekly supermarket shopping) under your arm on London transport in the rush hour. You can post the video on Youtube afterwards.

Comment Tidal (Score 1) 160

Tidal power is the way to go - I presume most people would not include it in hydro - because hydro generally involves piling a lot of water on land where it floods out peasants and causes earthquakes, whereas putting a nodding duck off the west coast of Scotland would have little impact on the environment, a propeller in the current off the south coast of Trinidad would have little impact on fish.

And the sea is a convenient place to dump the waste heat too.

Disclaimer: my data centre only needs a couple of kw,

Comment Re:Liberal Arts Guys Think Engineers are All Killb (Score 1) 490

Moonies are the best recruiters of engineers. Their recruiting technique is for a bunch of good looking Korean girls to sit down next to a nerdy-looking guy eating alone. The only reason their technique is still not all that successful is most engineers hate having their lunch interrupted more than they like hot Korean girls pay attention to them on an obvious pretext.

Comment Re:anti-business liberal scoring points (Score 0) 342

My answer to this is very simple actually, if there is no business case to go to Mars I don't want any government stealing money from people to go to Mars because at that point it is all it is: theft.

Eventually a business case for Mars may become real and then businesses will find a way to get there. Today it is likely not the case at all that there is any sort of ROI on going to Mars except for raising spirits of those, who want to see it happen.

Well, if the people who WANT to see it happen actually PAY for it by BUYING bonds that would pay for it, then a private business can do it without government! That's because a private business can print bonds that can be sold (tentatively) to people and if enough money is raised then actually collect the money and start building.

To do it otherwise is to steal, but that's nothing new, that's what all governments always do.

Comment Re:yet more engineer bashing (Score 1) 490

If he said that, which I doubt, it would fly in the face of his stated position on gun rights. He's been criticized by the other candidates for being a moderate on gun control. Senator sanders has stated on many occasions that he favors a "middle-ground" approach to gun laws, supporting expanded background checks and restrictions on "assault weapons" and high-capacity magazines. However, he also voted to protect gun manufacturers from liability for gun violence. To say "Bernie Sanders wants to take your guns" is factually and demonstrably incorrect. Vermont, where he has been a senator for approximately 5000 years, is considered to be gun-friendly, and also boasts the lowest rate of gun violence in the country.

I have only ever heard of one elected representative at the federal level who has ever said anything approaching "gun-grabbing", and that was Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA). Interestingly, the NRA currently gives Senator Sanders an 8% rating; apparently being a moderate on gun issues is unthinkable to those maniacs.

Comment Seems unlikely (Score 1) 148

Because, for every person like you, there are 10 that would just say "Speaker not work. Must buy new speaker."

Perhaps they would say that, but why on earth would they then buy a speaker from a manufacturer who had screwed them over like that?

In fact if a manufacturer did that to me, I'd tell friends not to buy that brand, and be inclined to tell future generations not to do so also. To this day I don't buy Sony audio equipment because of bad experiences in college.

So I hardly think it likely they would produce something crappy in this way on purpose.

Comment Apps on TV will be huge, but mainly linked (Score 1) 228

Apps as a new way to stream on TV is not that interesting and will not really do anything much to increase traditional TV watching.

What will be much larger is the potential for apps on TV to add lots of context around what we are watching, which will mostly occur by linking mobile apps to TV apps driving the display. Then you can have more of a shared experience, or direct feedback related to the video which the video producer could also use live...

Comment Re:I would like to say for the record... (Score 1) 490

You'd be trading shitty co-workers for shitty patients, shitty administrators, shitty insurance companies, and (at least at the beginning) shitty pay. I'd think about getting another job where there's fewer zealots instead of wondering if you should have chosen another field; the former you can do, while the latter can't be done.

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