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Submission + - The Problem of "Teaching the Controversy" in Infosec

MrBingoBoingo writes: Recently a group calling itself No Such lAbs created a service called the Phuctor and began digesting an sks keyserver dump and began finding weak keys, beginning with a subkey attached to Kernel developer hpa's key which was divisible by three. In the aftermath discussion of the issue was hijacked by social engineers who immediately set to growing a controversy and instead of discussing how to mitigate similar issues in the future or identify the problem tat created this scenario, insisted there was no problem at all.

Submission + - Spanish CyberSquat Raided in "Counter-Terror" Operation

MrBingoBoingo writes: An anarchist center in Spain at Kasa de la Muntanya associated with techo libertarian projects was raided under the guise of of "Counter-Terrorism" operation. The squat had been continually occupied since 1989 and served as a social senter for the local community in addition to serving as a haven to technological and libertarian projects.

Submission + - Tor: This Onion Smells->

MrBingoBoingo writes: After the backlash to Yasha Levine's original report on the monetary connection between Tor developers and the United States Government is it time for privacy activists to consider depreciating the frequent recommendation that the privacy conscious should use Tor? Between Darkmarket busts and and the Tor project's history perhaps it is time to consider the Tor network as controlled by the United States law enforcement and intelligence communities.
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Submission + - Court Order: Butterfly Labs Bitcoins to be sold.->

MrBingoBoingo writes: In a new development in the Case against Butterfly Labs, the Court overseeing the case has ordered bitcoins held by Butterfly Labs to be turned over to the Court appointed temporary receiver. The order also gives the receiver authorization to convert the bitcoins "to cash on a systematic and reasoned basis." The justification for this measure is at least to ostensibly create reserves with which refunds for Butterfly Labs customers may be paid from.
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Submission + - US Company Seeks to offer Regulator Approved Bitcoin Options Market 1 1

MrBingoBoingo writes: Startup LedgerX has submitted applications to the US Commodity Futures Trading Commisions to begin offering options based on Bitcoin prices which will be bought and sold in US Dollars. This comes after last major options market in Bitcoin announced they were discontinuing Bitcoin/Dollar options sold and settled in Bitcoin back in February due to poor price signal and the daunting challenge of insuring Put options.

Submission + - WordPress Defaults Preserve Avenue For Denial of Service Attacks->

MrBingoBoingo writes: As bad as the Bash shell behavior was, giving attackers a shell on your server This WordPress XMLRPC Pingback hole is just as bad to your fellow internet residents. Sure Shell Shock was worse for you since it offered a shell on your machine, but to your friendly Internet neighbors the WordPress bullshit is just as bad. And much like WordPress there were Bash scripts that had been functional since 1992 which no longer work on patched versions of Bash, but for WordPress Backwards compatibility is still more important.
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Submission + - Bitcoin User tells of Interview by FBI and Treasury Department->

MrBingoBoingo writes: Recently a Bitcoin user reports being interviewed over their past use of a now defuct exchange service by agents from the FBI and Treasury Department. This encounter raises concerns that earlier Bitcoin users who entered the space inocuously and without ties to Dark Markets or The Silk Road might need to prepare for Law Enforcement questioning about their early Bitcoin related activities.
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Submission + - Xfce: Choice Desktop environment for new Linux Users-> 1 1

MrBingoBoingo writes: A lot has changed and continued to change in the world of Linux and Unix desktop environments. A stong case though can be made that Xfce is the best direction to point new desktop Linix and *nix users towards. With rapid change happening in the world of desktop environments, what direction is really the best to point aspiring Linux users towards?
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Submission + - Bitcoin Securities Issuer Settles with SEC->

MrBingoBoingo writes: The United States Securities and Exchange Commission has extracted a Settlement from Erik Voorhees that consists of $15,843.98 in profits and a penalty of $35,000 for the high crime of having been involved in financing two offerings with Bitcoin. If you read the Security and Exchange Commission's actual filing you can see that all of the fines and settlements relate to FeedZeBirds with any actions relating to S.DICE on MPEx consisting of a strong finger wag and stern look. With the light assessment in this case, it seems that the SEC's ability to act in mature Bitcoin markets like MPEx may be limited unless they work to build cooperative relationships with those markets.
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Submission + - Bitcoin Barron Challenges Berkshire-> 2 2

Submission + - MtGox Collapse should come as no suprise->

MrBingoBoingo writes: The recent closure of the famous Bitcoin exchange MtGox has grabbed a lot of media attention lately, but people involved heavily in bitcoin have been raising alarms about business practices at MtGox for quite some time now. With the MtGox failure being Bitcoin's biggest since the collapse of the ponzi run by Trendon Shavers, also known as Pirateat40, it might be time to revisit the idea of counterparty risk in the world of irreversible cryptocurrency.
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