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Lol. My emotions are not at all inflamed in the slightest. Typically i just ignore such but occasionally like to indulge. Please be aware (if you able) that my response was not in anyway for the benefit of the troll.

I am merely making a very accurate and insightful observation. One whose truth bites deeply apparently. So i will consider this a measure of success.

Neither of these posts were worthy of a response at all but again, sometimes i indulge.

And yes. This post is smug.

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Polynesians tend to be physically larger and their culture's were warlike but that may have had more to do with scarcity of resources on tiny islands.

Although murder for gain is a human trait as evidenced by all of recorded history. We tend to call it by other names as well: Conquest, expansion, empire building, etc.

But in the end it almost always is just good old redrum.

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Then you are a sad and pathetic human being too simple minded to even begin to process it due to the brain damage that prevents you from honest introspection. I honestly pity you.

My ancestry contains native NZ Maori hence my interest. Maori are essentially Polynesian descendants who became a separate ethnic group in their own right. There is debate as to which of the islands in particular the first Maori migrated from.


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Because the word "Polynesian" means "many islands" in its Greek derivative. An apt description of a common people's who migrated bravely across miles of ocean to populate a host of islands.

Information easily obtained from the web also...

Unless it was a tongue in cheek which case a bad one.

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I am a NZer also.

In my mind everyone involved was very naive.

- The majority NZers are political sheep. If it was not written verbatim in the corporate paper of their choice they don't think/believe it. Its a baaaaad way for a country to be.
- The police where exceptionally naive in calling out a swat raid on the heresay of the US authorities and the SIS.
- The SIS were naive to think they could away with this BS without fallout.
- The government was naive to let this all slip by them.
- Dotcom was naive to think NZ was a country he could be safe in.

And you are VERY naive to think London/UK is any better with regards to any of this...

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Assuming his separation from his wife is not so that she wont go down with the ship and can retain assets etc afterwards...

I have no evidence for this but I did have to wonder when I heard the news. Also he is cheeky, dodgy and clever enough to do such a thing.

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by MrBigInThePants (#47320331) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Would It Take For You To Buy a Smartwatch?
I think you are being a little closed/small minded about this. You are limiting the domain to historical uses of watches when these are capable of far more.

In my opinion a technology's true value (after the hype cycle has stabilised) is defined by its utility, cosmetic appeal and price. (there are probably others but they are less important)

You have artificially limited it to one of those (appeal) and I think this is unfair - especially considering most people no longer wear watches.
Having said that I personally stopped wearing a watch because I realised I had my phone on me 24/7 and it was no longer necessary. If my watch meant I no longer needed my phone on my person (say in my bag or car instead) this would be a big cosmetic bonus in my opinion. A watch on the wrist is far more appealing than having a bulge in your pocket. (that's what she said?)
It should be noted that utility and cosmetic appeal are in direct conflict in this product. The smaller and nice looking the watch, the less utility it is likely to have and vice versa.

Price is a big turn off at the moment. They are FAR too expensive for what they are. For elitists this may increase appeal but for most this will not. One assumes that like most things this will decrease sharply in time so this will improve over time.

My opinion is that utility will make or break these.
For example: if I can get to a point where all I need available is the watch and perhaps a bluetooth headset then they have a very solid product IMHO.
My phone (I assume the watch cannot replace these entirely) can be in my bag or car or tucked away. A glance at my watch (even when driving) tells me if I have msgs, who is calling, etc without having to take my phone out. Those annoying car mounts become unnecessary except for GPS.
And that is just core phone utility without going into the other more niche features or the addition future tech.

I am not saying they are a guaranteed success but I AM saying that they could be the reason people start wearing watches in the future again. :)

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Nope - not in the way you mean.

If action was taken right now, with current technology, we could make a meaningful long term impact. The fact that this will not happen is due to lack of will, not lack of ability.

Now when being pessimistic, people refer to the above as "unavoidable". But this is quite obviously the wrong word since it could be.

"Confound these ancestors.... They've stolen our best ideas!" - Ben Jonson