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Comment: Re:Normal women... (Score 1) 764

PS: And if you haven;t guessed I like to play the thought provoking devil's advocate without trying to be a troll. (a fine line)

Of course this means a depressingly large number of people just pigeon hole you into their favorite stereotype and then argue against the view of said stereotype with no awareness of what you are saying...but it comes with the job.

Such is the world of the internet.

Nevertheless it appears there is no limit to the insanity of this topic which is why I bring up the point in the way I have.

There has to be a limit. And people are not automatically right simply because you cry "opression!" about a current hot button topic.

Comment: Re:Normal women... (Score 2) 764

The decision on whether it is a good/sensible/professional/appropriate name has NOTHING to do with the discussion. That is for the people in charge of the project.

This is about a related 3rd party bringing down the hammer on a project because they feel they have the right to interfere because someone somewhere might get offended about a currently hot topic.

Comment: Re:Normal women... (Score 1) 764

It shouldn't matter what the situation.

Why is the workplace so special? Believe me, it is anything but.

Racism is ok outside of the workplace? Thought not...

But I see the "men can't have an opinion" brigade are already here with mod points.

Its ok, I have karma to burn and what I am saying needs to be said. So be it.

Comment: Re:Normal women... (Score 4, Insightful) 764

Not if they are a true feminist / he4she / she4she / .... fuck it I cannot keep up anymore.

Basically what is happening here is that anything remotely male specific in the workplace is being banned because some hugely overly sensitive person with neurotic tendencies (and no, it does not have to be a woman) might potentially get offended - even silently or potentially. So even if no one has said anything or there is no obvious actual problem, then action MUST be taken at all costs.

So the answer is to corporate-speak style whitewash everything in existence and berate any man for ever having an opinion on any subject ever.

Yes, I am being tongue in cheek here to some extent but there is a sensible limit somewhere to all this...

Comment: Re:WTF AM I DOING HERE! (Score 1) 109

I have a feeling that having potentially just cheated death for a few more decades would be somewhat of a mitigating factor.

And the above problem is something that people WITHOUT any disease have to deal with...

PS: Personal opinion: You have a flash car, pool boy and so are rich and just escaped a horrible death? My heart bleeds for you...not...

Comment: Re:I dub all unswitchable hardware: disposable (Score 4, Insightful) 362

by MrBigInThePants (#49305219) Attached to: OEMs Allowed To Lock Secure Boot In Windows 10 Computers
Of course it will work.

This is essentially another form of DRM and as you well know that was and is still highly successful and completely crushed all piracy. People still actively seek out products that say "DRM Included" just so they can have the safety and security of knowing that a large corporate is having its own best interests protected at the expense of your product's usability.

Anyone with a marketing background will tell you this is a FANTASTIC idea guaranteed to succeed...if you pay them enough...

But seriously now.

The general livestock will buy the "coolest" and/or "cheapest" option and wont understand what the fuck is going on as per usual. It success or failure will be based on whether this affects the price point of the product (i.e. making it cheaper) or detrimentally effect its "coolness". (like DRM did)

And DRM still exists and are some of the most profitable platforms around. e.g. Steam, Itunes, netflix, etc.

Comment: Re:meanwhile (Score 1) 342

by MrBigInThePants (#49287065) Attached to: UK Chancellor Confirms Introduction of 'Google Tax'

  - Re-branding plain ol' greed & selfishness as advocating for "personal responsibility".
  - Re-branding a complete abdication of all sense of "social responsibility" as freedom and liberty for all.

Just because they use 400x more words to advocate for such than necessary in an attempt to confuse, does not make it any more true.

Never miss a chance to bag libertarians....

All great ideas are controversial, or have been at one time.