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Comment: Re:He's being polite. (Score 1) 114

by MrBigInThePants (#49139473) Attached to: Schneier: Everyone Wants You To Have Security, But Not From Them
I agree.
For the most part this is an article written to people who don't read these articles and being read by people who don't need to read it.

The average knuckle dragging simian could not care less about any of this. They are just cattle chewing their consumer cud and waiting to be milked as per usual.

For the rest I bet that while most are on the "privacy bandwagon" very few of them take all the steps required to ensure their privacy.To me this does not mean that the system is wrong, just that people don't care about this as much as they make out...or at least as much as reported anyway.

I tend to look to actions, not words, when trying to discover what is going on in someone's brain jelly.

Comment: Re:Instilling values more important (Score 1) 692

Ok, a lot of the advice appears to be more about control and manipulation than anything else. As a father of two kids this is a tough one to think about. I cannot imagine going through it so my heart goes out to you.

Just convey how you feel, who you are and your love and trust that she will be awesome. She wont be able to know you in person and form a relationship with you so leave behind who YOU are so she can have that experience in some way.

Don't leave behind a series of lectures...

Just let go and trust that she will make the right decisions.

Don't try and direct/control her - it probably wont work when it counts anyway. Let her make her own way with the knowledge that her father cared about her.

Comment: Re:But... (Score 1) 253

I know this is the internet and all but just stop being a dick.

I am highly literate and every once in a while I come across a word I recognize but want to find the EXACT meaning of. Rather that than what YOU apparently do which is just keep going and remain ignorant...exactly like your post.

They also have other language dictionaries which have occasionally come in handy when a book is set in another country etc. Then there are the old world words that are not in common usage. And that is without Wikipedia use.

There are many, many reasons that have nothing to do with being stupid and everything to becoming more informed and knowledgeable.

Being able to put other people down on an internet forum does not make you clever...

However raging against people wanting to be more informed and arguing for continued ignorance (and even being too stupid to realise that is what you are doing) makes you stupid.

But then stupid people are often too stupid to realize how stupid they are I guess.

Comment: Re:Oh bullshit! (Score 1) 317

by MrBigInThePants (#49123495) Attached to: FedEx Won't Ship DIY Gunsmithing Machine
What is amusing about this is that US laws are so complicated and unclear with all sorts of corrupt provisos that not even lawyers can probably answer that question.

Who knows what weird law they will hit them with? The government can more or less do whatever they want including things extra-judicial.

But I am glad you have us covered with your decade of research...

BTW: This is the system working as "intended".

Comment: Re:Fool me once, shame on you... (Score 1) 252

by MrBigInThePants (#49103639) Attached to: No Tech Bubble Here, Says CNN: "This Time It's Different."
Ok, fair enough. I am right with you on that one.

If I hear one more idiot go on about gold as if they know what the hell they are talking about then I think I am going to be sick.

Besides. From the research I did into precious metals there were far bigger jumps in some of the others during the GFC. :)

Comment: Re:Fool me once, shame on you... (Score 1) 252

by MrBigInThePants (#49103633) Attached to: No Tech Bubble Here, Says CNN: "This Time It's Different."
Very funny.

I am being snarky because the quality of thought that has gone into many replies DESERVES such a response.

And I could not CARE LESS about your thoughts on my POSTING STYLE.

But you are correct, that was an awesome point.

(There you go, you can add ARROGANT to the list too, that should make it even easier to TROLL!!??!!?!)

Comment: Re:Fool me once, shame on you... (Score 2) 252

by MrBigInThePants (#49102219) Attached to: No Tech Bubble Here, Says CNN: "This Time It's Different."
That is why you diversify.

Almost NO ONE can pick winners with anything approaching 100% accuracy - that includes the "experts".

BallsSacks and co make their money by gaming the system with their size, profiting on other people's risk and ability to write the legislation governing them etc. Not predicting winners.

I cannot believe the ignorance of some of the commenting on here. This is finance 101.

Please for the love of god stop embarrassing yourselves!?

Comment: Re:Fool me once, shame on you... (Score 1) 252

by MrBigInThePants (#49102199) Attached to: No Tech Bubble Here, Says CNN: "This Time It's Different."
It was an example in a discussion encompassing all types of investors including the ones you mention.

You missed the point entirely as have many others.

The willful ignorance displayed in this thread so a trolling opportunity can be had is...well entirely typical of the internet...

Christ almighty I don't know why I bother sometimes...

"Consequences, Schmonsequences, as long as I'm rich." -- "Ali Baba Bunny" [1957, Chuck Jones]