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Comment: Re:Dwarf Universe? (Score 1) 57

What exactly about the galaxy makes it a dwarf as opposed to a little-verse? Its galactic arms are too long for its body and its core is over sized?!

Why are not the PC brigade up in arms about this obviously inappropriate reference.

And since we is 7 million light years "mere". I mean we are not a universe, we are human. Its a long-assed way for us!

Comment: PHP = Powerfully Horrendous Programming (Score 5, Interesting) 189

by MrBigInThePants (#48677083) Attached to: MIT Unifies Web Development In Single, Speedy New Language
If it is then it is DOA. ;) Sorry all you php fans, but seriously?!

But seriously seriously: I don't believe that is the approach he is talking about. PHP is a very different beast.

Their choice of a functional programming language is an eyebrow raiser but I understand the reasons why and can even applaud the sentiment for high volume transactional websites. (speaking as an architect with experience of such in the CC industry) I do sort of lament the lack of any OO framework within this (my assumption from article) but perhaps it is not needed as much since most data is from a relational DB. The incongruence between relational data and OO design has always caused problems anyway - obvious in the complexity of frameworks like "hibernate" etc.
And for those that think that OO and functional languages cannot mix need to do a course on multi-paradigm programming like I did. ;)

The CONCEPT has real potential and it will be interesting if and how these (assumedly MIT-smart) researchers deal with the main problem that any "do lots for you behind the scenes" (I am inventing a new architectural pattern here!) frameworks: Sacrificing flexibility of solution for ease of use.
This is where limits are introduced because frameworks are forced to make choices about implementations and those choices have consequences. Implementing an elegant and simple solution with a huge amount of flexibility, easy extension and power is one of those holy grails that I have yet to see ANY framework in existence reach to any degree - there are ALWAYS trade-offs.
Many of these frameworks start off with the claim of "really simple!!" but over time their lack of forethought and the punishing reality of REAL project development (as opposed to the dreams of researchers) causes the language to either be wholly inadequate or to mutate over time into an absolute nightmare.
e.g. Auto hot key STILL makes the claim on their website that they are so easy to use, despite what their language has turned into:
A very good example of this principle in action.

e.g. VB was very productive (for its time) when all you did was use the out of the box stuff the language was designed for. Go off road (which inevitably happens in real projects) and you could enter VB hell very very quickly. Fixing said problem was usually possible but at the cost of a HUGE increase in skill and knowledge which is beyond many of those who picked it for its easy of use.

So the questions I would be interested to find out are:
- How far can you get before the above happens?
- What percentage of typical advanced web app functionality is covered?
- How HARD is it to extend (I assume its possible) and what skills are required to do so?

There are of course thousands of others to answer before I would even consider using this in a real product!

Comment: Re:didn't go didn't download, don't care (Score 1, Funny) 145

by MrBigInThePants (#48676879) Attached to: Crowds (and Pirates) Flock To 'The Interview'
I fail to see the difference....?

Oh wait, I get it now!

The Nerfs don't have an over blown sense of entitlement and superiority. Also if you hitch them to a wagon they will be able to pull it without all the whining, heart attacks and need for a candy bar and coke every few metres...

NB: Nothing against Americans per se - I have several friends that are American (pun intended). Just sheeple in the US propping up their evil government in ignorance despite its "transparency" (and not the kind obama promised and failed to deliver).

Comment: Re:didn't go didn't download, don't care (Score 1) 145

by MrBigInThePants (#48676853) Attached to: Crowds (and Pirates) Flock To 'The Interview'
You are missing the point entirely. That is why I and many others are torrenting it.

Fuck that spoilt little shit tinpot-dictator living a life of luxury in a land of abject poverty. He embodies in the worst possible way way is wrong with almost all of our world leaders and where our world is heading.

But also fuck sony and their history of abusive business practices and abject greed.

This is about WATCHING the movie because you want to and especially because it annoys Mr "worship me because my father was rich". And doing so for free because it annoys sony.

And if they never make a similar what? There are plenty of other indies and others who will take up the cause....and potentially do it better.

Comment: Re:I never have understood (Score 1) 263

by MrBigInThePants (#48673119) Attached to: Serious Economic Crisis Looms In Russia, China May Help

Depends which big business you are talking about. The donation levels change per term and per party but the basic rule is the same.

I at no time said that their policies WORKED. Short-sighted greed rarely works in the long term when talking about countries and company strategy.

Comment: Dirty by nature (Score 2) 361

by MrBigInThePants (#48669309) Attached to: Study: Police Body-Cams Reduce Unacceptable Use of Force
Here here and amen brother. It is FAR worth than the authoritarian followers like the GP believe.

My brother (not from US - so this is not just a US problem) wanted to be a cop in his early 20's. He was training every day to make the physical etc. He would have made a great cop. He was a massive guy but quick and could punch like a mule when we trained together. Good temperament but I had never seen him back down from an asshole (or group thereof) in his life.

He met 3 cops who were on holiday and the obvious discussion took place. They eventually asked him the obvious: "why?"

Paraphrasing Heavily:

He said that he was a very honest person and believed in helping the community against the bad guys.
They told him that as a cop he would be asked to lie in court on a regular basis. If he refused he would be harassed etc by the brass and his peers until he either left the force or complied.

They said if he could not handle that then not to bother signing up.

He went in IT....

Now all you stubborn, blind, "cannot be wrong" authoritarians can call me a liar and blah blah blah but I promise you this story is true.

Comment: Re:Rose colored glasses (Score 1) 208

by MrBigInThePants (#48669203) Attached to: The World Is Not Falling Apart
Anyone giving credence to this click bait "debate" being ass's with only two cheeks: Better or worse.

Some things go up, some things go down....until they don't.

Some things oscillate with various periods including chaotic ones. (e.g. "morality")

Some things go from horrific (e.g. Slavery) to slightly less than average (e.g. low wage slavery/poverty) and vice versa.

Some things have NEVER been acceptable in almost the entirely of recorded human history. (e.g. wealthy elite calling the shots in their favour)

Some things, and this will really blow your mind, the very DEFINITION of what is good and bad changes over time, culture and geographic location?! (e.g. Acceptable Quality of Life)

And of course, everyone's definitions of all the above differ from person to person.

To stand on mount Olympus and start making proclamations like these authors have is just ridiculous - almost as ridiculous as discussing it as if it was worthwhile.

HERE ARE THE RULES FOLKS: Things are what they are and can always be better worse than that.

I personally am a great believer and advocate of continuous improvement. I do not accept that in important areas the status quo should never be challenged and analysed for improvement.

And you should NOT always turn the other cheek, just the bad one.

Comment: Re:I never have understood (Score 1) 263

by MrBigInThePants (#48665513) Attached to: Serious Economic Crisis Looms In Russia, China May Help
I congratulate you on you flatulent post. You have demonstrated that your organic hot air knows no bounds.

Regardless of anything else I would say that failing to point out that it does not really matter much which president did what when in the grand scheme of things is proof enough.

A captured democracy is a captured democracy. Change the system or get short changed. Fuck or get fucked.

With any STI-like situation such as commenting on the state of your government, you either go balls deep or you go home with blue balls. No Point just using the tip and hoping you will be ok - you will still be dirty in the end.

Enough with the crude metaphors already people!

Comment: Re:Sorry, but... why? (Score 1) 180

"To keep the pool of employees huge and the pay low? "

Well you have the answer right there, but seemed to miss it somehow.

This is not a feel-good story of congress doing something positive for the USA's fail-sauce edumication system that leaves no child behind by slowing down all the children and teachers.

It is simply morally corrupt politicians ensuring more meat for the IT grinder run by their campaign donors to help lower IT wages.

Very plain, very simple.

Don't believe me? Where is the 100 cosponsor bill to fix the rest of the education sector?

Oh, that's right...nowhere.

Comment: Re:Good Thing (Score 1) 195

by MrBigInThePants (#47584409) Attached to: Inside BitFury's 20 Megawatt Bitcoin Mine
So true.

We live in the days of global warming and wanting to find new ways to be more efficient with our power use.

But of course people burn megawatts to do useless calculations to "discover" hidden codes that are given "value" through mystical means - backed by fiat currency too just to make more of a mockery.

Almost as bad as the stock exchange and all the high freq. traders....almost.....

When a Banker jumps out of a window, jump after him--that's where the money is. -- Robespierre