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Comment: Quashing secondary markets will only backfire. (Score 1) 590

by Mr3vil (#28723993) Attached to: Why Game Developers Should Shut Up About Used Games
I really think trying to quash the secondary market for games is going to end up costing them more new sales than used games ever could have. If someone can buy a brand new AAA title and get at least a portion of that money back then they might be willing to take more of a chance on a given game and go ahead and buy it, knowing that if they end up not liking it they can recoup some of their money. Eliminate this "insurance policy" as it were, and gamers are going to be much more fickle when it comes to how they spend their money. It just ends up with people buying fewer and fewer new games than before. Do you really think half the shovelware that gets released would even be bought by one person if gamers were unable to foist such garbage onto some other sucker?

Comment: Re:Because Gay People Make You Gay (Score 1) 1182

by Mr3vil (#26989893) Attached to: Gamer Claims Identifying As a Lesbian Led To Xbox Live Ban
Your child may not be mature enough to understand sex. HOWEVER, by 9 a kid is going to understand through their own observation the relationship mom and dad have with each other. My mom and dad explained homosexuality to me as when 2 men or 2 women love each other the same way mom and dad love each other. They didn't go any further than that and they didn't need to go any further than that, I just shrugged it off and got on with my life. Really gay people are in relationships with other gay people for the same reasons (some of which aren't sex) that heterosexual men and women get in relationships.

Comment: This is just the sort of thing.... (Score 1) 317

by Mr3vil (#26384763) Attached to: Lexus To Start Spamming Car Buyers In Their Cars
This is JUST the sort of thing that would make Lexus' target demographic drive STRAIGHT back to the dealership and either yell at the service department to make the car STFU, or toss the keys back in the sales person's face. I know I would. If the dealer wouldn't take it back I'd then probably pull the fuse from the stereo or whatever gadget was giving me the ads (assuming it didn't disable the engine, which actually would further provoke me.) Bottom line, unless the message is based upon a service interval and is EASILY disabled, nobody wants the vehicle they just paid 40k+ for giving them any sort of advertisements. Definitely suicide on Toyota's/Lexus' part.

Comment: Flawed argument. (Score 1) 397

by Mr3vil (#25936615) Attached to: iPhones, FStream and the Death of Satellite Radio
The author of this article is making a very broad assumption that everybody in the United States has access to the high speed EVDO or HSDPA services offered by the cellular carriers. In Amarillo Texas (where I live) there is no HSDPA or EVDO from Sprint or AT&T and neither have any plans in the immediate future to bring that higher speed data to the area. Many of the areas I travel to in the Texas Panhandle have ABSOLUTELY no cellular service. The only two ways I can get music is via my iPod or XM Radio. The iPod's shortcoming is that it's limited to the songs I can fit on it and I might suddenly want to switch genres. XM's advantage is that they play music I may have not heard in a long time and haven't had the thought to purchase it from Amazon or itunes.

Comment: Re:I'll Tell You What It Means (Score 1) 3709

by Mr3vil (#25641139) Attached to: Barack Obama Wins US Presidency
And a 700B bailout for banks that were too preoccupied with their Scrooge McDuck fantasies to exercise some sound judgement in how much mortgage subprime borrowers were getting approved for isn't socialism......Just saying. And before you reiterate the Rush Limbaugh rhetoric pinning all of this on Clinton. While yes, there was a mandate from Washington to increase home-ownership especially among lower income people. They weren't mandating the banks write a $300,000 mortgage to people that couldn't even afford $150,000. They also weren't mandating the banks write real-estate speculators no money down mortgages on properties they weren't even going to live in. I'd get into the borrowers inability to realize what ADJUSTABLE RATE MORTGAGE means, but I've taken up enough space. But not every group's hands are clean in all this.

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