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Submission + - Apple Quietly Becomes Key Enterprise Provider (

snydeq writes: "Long considered an outsider in corporate environments, Apple has quietly become a key enterprise provider, thanks in large part to success in the mobile arena, InfoWorld's Bill Snyder reports as part of a series of under-the-radar tech stories of 2010. 'Because so many businesspeople use iPhones and now iPads, IT departments have been forced to accommodate them at work. And despite early concerns for security, few, if any, major business breaches have been blamed on those devices,' Snyder writes. Significant is that fact that high-profile organizations in the security-minded financial services sector are embracing Apple products, including JPMorgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, Crédit Suisse Group, Citigroup, and Bank of America. Meanwhile, several CIOs have said that Apple engineers are actively visiting enterprises to find out what enterprises want in future iPads and iPhones. Moreover, Apple has quietly opened conference rooms in some of its Apple Stores to meet with corporate customers. 'If Apple is sneaking into the enterprise, the enterprise is quietly leaving the doors open to let Apple in.'"

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