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Comment: Re:Sensationalism and denial (Score 1) 1122

by Mr. Tiggywinkle (#35663500) Attached to: Things Get Worse at Fukushima

Isn't a lot of the problem with nuclear power though, that the stakes are so much higher?

What happens when eventually some useless bureaucrat in a government body, or asshole in management only after profits cuts safety procedures? And suddenly the completely safe nuclear plants become quite a lot more iffy?

That's the problem I have with nuclear power, we are assuming that the regulations will adequately protect us from idiocy, such as cutting costs on safety measures, and if anything I would say our human history says otherwise about us in areas such as these. Nuclear power might be safer now, but that's precisely because of all the stigma, and the danger of the plants. If nuclear power becomes extremely prevalent in our society, I would bank on having quite a few quite horrid disasters of scales worse than anything we have seen from coal and oil production, and the biggie is that it will stay with us for quite a lot longer than coal or oil cleanups, (not that they don't have significant long term impacts).

Perhaps I have too much faith in science, but I think I would rather see investment, and improvement in less high stakes, more clean sources.

Comment: Re:Pressure monitors in the steering wheel (Score 1) 349

by Mr. Tiggywinkle (#31654000) Attached to: Will Your Car Tell You To Put Down the Phone?
What about people with only one arm? No I'm not kidding, My one armed uncle drives a lot. If you can disable it, it's useless - everyone would disable it. If you can't disable it, it's rather irritating. Add that to the fact that I'm sure a pressure monitor would break and irritatingly buzz all the time.

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