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Comment call a wahmbulance (Score 0) 270 270

Oh, cry me a river. Drone operators no longer have an unlimited right to invade people's privacy and endanger their safety. Sorry dude, but the airspace is common property and it's sensible to regulate its use for the common good. Either that, or we can have drone wars, where people who don't want your drones in the skies fly their own to take them down.

Comment Re:Works for me - whatever that is worth (Score 2, Insightful) 136 136

Seems like people running mailing lists need to take a look at how spam filters work, rather than mail providers changing anything.

No, you're backwards. It's up to spam filter developers to understand how mailing lists work and not falsely flag legitimate traffic. If your filter breaks a mailing list, your filter is broken.

Comment Re:High fat? (Score 1) 244 244

Now if we stop talking about mice and start talking about people we can look at what the science has always shown. There are things called diseases of modern culture. As in indigenous people who don't eat like western cultures have low cancer and mental illness rates and no heart attacks.

Except that science has never shown that. Atherosclerosis has been found in mummies (not just from Egypt but also Peru, the southwest America, and the Aleutian Islands), and the idea that modern Inuit have low rates of heart disease was never evidence-based

Fats and proteins don't spike the blood sugar.

But protein does spike insulin.

What science actually shows is what it's always shown: a diet based around whole plant foods, high in fiber and moderate to low in fat and protein, is the most healthful for primates, including those weird bald ones.

Comment Re:Yes, this needs to stop, but... "Help yourself" (Score 1) 130 130

I don't need a native client for my bank or Twitter or Facebook or Slashdot or anything, for that matter, that does nothing more than save me from opening Chrome and going to a particular URL.

My credit unions' apps let me deposit checks by taking photos of them with my phone. That's not a service available via the website.

I agree with the general point of "the app for accessing your company's website should be my web browser", but in the real world there are reasons to have specific apps.

Comment Re:Exactly. (Score 2) 318 318

I cannot comprehend this entitled attitude. on cable tv you see ads. in a magazine or newspaper you see ads. before movies you see ads. during movies you see ad placements. so it's not like Netflix is proposing a crazy new concept

I cannot comprehend this apathy about the ongoing invasion of every bit of space and time by attempts at mind control. ("Buy! Buy! Buy!")

Once upon a time you actually could pick up some magazines and see very few ads, or even none at all. There were not ads before movies. Product placement was inconspicuous or non-existent. There was even less ad time on broadcast TV -- one guy estimates that the time spent on commercials more than doubled since the 1950s.

Ads as we know them are memetic toxins. Anyone unconcerned about them is unconcerned about their own mind.

Comment Re:Yes more reliable (Score 1) 101 101

The idea is that your device runs a calendar app and syncs with Google Calendar. You then get notifications regardless if you are online or outside a coverage area,

And through what magic does that sync occur if you are offline or outside a coverage area?

I'm not foolisbn enough to give an advertizing company my callendar, but I'm pretty sure that Google Clendar uses TCP/IP to sync. Which means you have to have data reception. Which is much less avaiable than SMS.

Comment Re:Camer was owned by the school (Score 5, Informative) 379 379

The school owned the camera he used. Therefore all work from that camera belongs to the school.

No. It does not work like that. If you borrow my guitar and write a hit song, it's your song, the copyright is yours. If you borrow my camera and take a Pulitzer-winning photo, it's your photo, the copyright is yours. Copyright goes to the creator of a work, not to the owner of any tools incidental to the creation.

Comment Re:Happens all the time in California... (Score 2) 124 124

and some other tiny details, such as not having a handicapped shower open to the public

What kind of business is required to have showers?

...then got stung again a year later because even though he had plenty of handicapped parking... and he only had one handicapped spot...

You have an odd definition of "plenty".

He closed up shop, and now has an antique shop in rural Texas, and making far better cash there.

If his problem in CA was with the federal ADA, that law doesn't change in TX. (The various fringe theories of some Texans notwithstanding.)

Comment Re:All about tha Benjamins (Score 5, Insightful) 143 143

General skills, aka the ability to succeed in society without reverting to drug abuse, are considered when a company is hiring.

Chemcial tests can't tell whether a person is absuing drugs, only if they are using them. (It is a prohibitionist fiction that the use of certain drugs is inherently abuse.)

If the only way you can tell whether someone is using drugs is through chemical tests, ipso facto it is not affecting their performance on the job.

Comment Re:satellites (Score 1) 403 403

My small pocket sized wifi cellular router only costs $45 for 3 GB no matter how long it takes to use that 3 GB (no time span requirement, just however long it takes to use the traffic amount)...

Who??? Give! You can't tell us about that and not tell us where to sign up.

Comment Re:Curse you, Entropy! (Score 2) 486 486

All well and good, but doesn't exactly solve the problem of greenhouse gas emissions.

Sure it does. (Not that one small pilot project solves the problem, I mean if the tech is scaled up.) It's carbon-neutral just like biofuels are, it does not add any net CO2 to the atmosphere: it only puts in what it took out to make the fuel in the first place. (I suppose your could even use it to remove CO2, to get us back to 350ppm via carbon sequestration -- make up a bunch of "blue crude" and then stick it underground, running an oil well in reverse.) The problem with greenhouse gas emissions is fossil carbon, which puts in carbon that was captured millions of years ago.

Comment Re:Raise Them To Infinity! (Score 1) 309 309

What rational argument is there that makes it right to strip ownership from the copyright holder after a few decades? Does real estate become public domain after 100 years of ownership?

You have confused ideas with property. The only rational argument for using state force to punish people or make them pay for making a copy of a work is that doing so promotes the creation of more works. That excuse falls off rather rapidly once the author is dead.

A song is not real estate -- if I go into Bob Dylan's house it affects his life, if I sing one of his songs it doesn't -- and so your comparison makes no sense.

Comment Re:They should be doing the opposite (Score 5, Informative) 309 309

So, are you ready to demonstrate, how copyrights have sniffled the development of Jazz, Rock-n-Roll, or Rap, for example?

Famous Copyright Infringement Plagiarism cases in Music

Music Lawsuits: Blurred Lines Thoughts


Some people manage by the book, even though they don't know who wrote the book or even what book.