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Comment: Re:Yeah (Score 1) 562

by Mr. Shotgun (#48848121) Attached to: Obama: Gov't Shouldn't Be Hampered By Encrypted Communications

The government should defend the Constitution instead of tear it apart.

Unfortunately the constitution and the associated bill of rights were intended to be limits upon the government so it is not surprising to see the government tearing at those walls. It is after all in it's nature to try to expand it's power, much like fire will continue to seek more fuel or a wild animal will feed again.

What is rather disappointing is to see the people, who are supposed to be the ultimate checks on the government, react with such antipathy towards these encroachments on their rights. The constitution and bill of right was designed so that they was a constant struggle between the will of the governments insatiable lust for power over the governed and the citizens desire to be free of the encumbrance of the government. But lately the people have abandoned their post and thrown their lot behind whoever has a letter behind their name that pleases them the most.

Comment: Re:It's not about equality (Score 1) 335

by Mr. Shotgun (#48847847) Attached to: Lies, Damn Lies, and Tech Diversity Statistics

Ya know, I am starting to think that is true. For all these articles and tumblr postings and tweets decrying the low population of women and minorities in STEM and especially comp sci I have not seen much from those leading the charge for more enrollment in computer science. If these leaders encouraged their followers ( a good portion of which are college age or soon to be) to switch majors to CS this diversity problem would be solved within 2-6 years. And there is more than enough scholarships to finance it even. But alas I think this is less about making a change and more about making noise.

Comment: Re:Whatever (Score 1) 335

by Mr. Shotgun (#48847545) Attached to: Lies, Damn Lies, and Tech Diversity Statistics

Companies that don't hire the best employees fail.

False. Just look at the board of directors of many companies - the companies survive based on inertia and cronyism, not merit.

Sorry, but I think the OP was referring to down in the trenches where the real work is done and production matters. Though you are probably right about the so called leadership positions. After hearing about some of Balmers escapades I am sure we could replace most of them with gorillas and no one would notice.

Comment: Re:What bullshit (Score 1) 258

AI's will not be WEIRD, not 'evil'. They will want to do strange things, not kill us, or hurt us. They won't try to kill us, but instead try to create a massive, network devoted to deciding which species of from has more bacteria in it's toe.

OMG, they'll be grad students! It's worse than I thought!

Comment: Re:Just what's needed! (Score 1) 138

by Mr. Shotgun (#48762321) Attached to: Connected Gun Lets Anyone Watch What Or Who You Are Shooting
Saying Jersey, the difference is between optional and mandatory.
If there was the option for "smart" guns to be sold alongside regular guns I doubt you would have heard a peep from the NRA, besides maybe a review in guns and ammo. But New Jersey decided that the moment a smart gun becomes available it must be mandatory on every weapon sold, then it becomes a matter of force vs choice. Repeal that little law and those who chose to use the smart guns can have them, while everyone else can purchase weapons with traditional safeties.

Comment: Re:Sure... (Score 1) 343

Unfortunately, security is a cost center

Security is a cost center in the same way that insurance is a cost center. It is a current investment to reduce the risk and impact of future losses. No sane large business runs without insurance, yet plenty treat security as an after thought even though they serve almost the same function.
As a matter of fact I would predict insurance policies to require some security effort as a part of coverage fairly soon, since it could be argued that not securing your data is a form of negligence now a days.

Comment: Re:Fake (Score 1) 880

by Mr. Shotgun (#48607369) Attached to: Apparent Islamic Terrorism Strikes Sydney

You aren't in the middle of nowhere, you're at the Starbucks which means you are within easy reach of professionals

When seconds count, the police are just minutes away.

Let's be honest, guns are a tool and the only restrictions they need are just as with cars. Make sure people know how to use them, can demonstrate they can use them, and we're golden.

I would venture to guess more violence has been committed due to the spoken or written word than has ever been committed because someone possessed a weapon and felt an irrational drive to use it. Shall we also licence the first amendment as well?

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