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Comment: Re:Ahh (Score 1) 314

by Mr. Shotgun (#49788599) Attached to: Adblock Plus Victorious Again In Court

However part of the ruling says that there were so few adblock users that it was not a serious concern. If adblock suddenly showed up on 90% of all viewers the courts might have to rethink it...

Freedom of speech do not confer a promise of an audience. If %90 of the users are blocking your ads, it's not about them it's about you.
I run adblock open, I don't subscribe to lists because I do realize ads are how a good portion of websites make money. But if an ad is irritating or annoying enough that it disturbs my viewing experience enough I will search out who the provider is and block them. So if advertisers want to reach folks like me, here is a tip: don't be a pain in the ass!

Comment: Re:Unfortunately, this is women's perception (Score 4, Interesting) 295

by Mr. Shotgun (#49761817) Attached to: Study: Science Still Seen As a Male Profession

As long as science is mostly male, it will be seen as a mostly male profession.

I didn't know the tautology club was having a secret meeting here. But seriously, you know what could fix this imbalance? Maybe women who have an interest and the knack for science could, I dunno, go to school for it and become scientists themselves? Then it might balance the gender ratio a bit. I mean, it's worth a shot.

Comment: Re:I have a cunning plan. (Score 2) 612

Given current business practices in the US, the rational thing to do is train your replacements incorrectly, but in such a way as their lack of training is only noticeable after you are fired, or long enough after the training has taken place that it can't be tracked down to your specific instruction.

When the geek turns to thoughts felonies he contrives schemes so finely calibrated that they cannot possibly work.

I dunno, I am not seeing much difference between his plans and the actions of a good amount of CEOs that come on board a company, drive it into the ground while sucking up any profits laying about, and the bail in their golden parachutes before everything hits rock bottom. Hell I can think of two of them have made runs at being president.

Comment: Re:Safeguards supposedly exist (Score 4, Informative) 612

This video may help explain things a bit. Short story is that companies looking to hire H1B personnel will post these positions in two publications of "general" circulation and then if anyone does apply they will use every method of disqualifying them that is legally available. They categorize this as "good faith recruitment" to the department of labor when in reality it is anything but.

Comment: Re:Used to work at an immigration firm (Score 2) 636

by Mr. Shotgun (#49583249) Attached to: Disney Replaces Longtime IT Staff With H-1B Workers

And what would you have him do my friend? With all those would would have the power to act upon all neatly bought and paid for? It has been an open secret for a long time that H1-B not about importing talent but a means to depress the market wages for a long time now. Yet suddenly his coming forward would break the tide? Please, the powers that be have been and will continue to sell the US public down the river just to get another coin in their pocket.

You want change? Don't berate someone working a low level slot when shit started happening way above his pay grade and he had no one to turn to. Start looking at real solutions, like better representation from our elected officials. Course most of those are bought and paid for too so we are all supremely fucked.

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