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Comment: OpenAtrium (Score 1) 20

by Mr. Jax (#30084348) Attached to: Using Drupal For Company Intranet; What To Expect?

There is a Drupal distribution built specifically for that purpose: There's a lengthy article about it in the December issue of Linux magazine: which should help you get started.

It features groups, calenders, blogs, documentation and an issue/task tracker right out of the box.

Comment: Easiest solution (Score 1) 108

by Mr. Jax (#27541669) Attached to: How To Build an Openfire Chat Server On Debian 5

The easiest solution for setting up your own jabber server is to sign up for Google Apps with your domain ( activate talk and then you can connect with any Jabber client to the google servers, eg. with Kopete:

You even have the option to limit communications within your own domain or to allow users to chat with other users outside of your domain.

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