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Comment: Why? (Score 2) 218

by Mr. Jackson (#46784583) Attached to: MIT Designs Tsunami Proof Floating Nuclear Reactor
The Integral Fast Reactor (IFR) design (state of the art 1986) shuts down safely in the event of a sudden, complete power failure. It uses nuclear waste as fuel, reprocessing until there is orders of magnitude less long life nuclear waste than with a light water reactor, the design they propose to float. IFR is an inherently safer design that largely solves our nuclear waste problem. Why are we dreaming of ways to build more light water reactors?

Comment: Re:Higher SAT scores, etc (Score 1) 529

by Mr. Jackson (#46506105) Attached to: The Poor Neglected Gifted Child
It's real at my child's elementary school in Vermont. I made the school board do the numbers. Assume that 1) All students, special needs plus regular, benefit equally from the general budget 2) Only special needs kids benefit from the special needs budget, so their per capita spending is derived from the general budget plus the special needs budget. 3) At my school there is no gifted program. In our case, spending on special needs kids is between 3 and 4 times that for regular kids. Nothing extra for gifted.

Comment: Re:No solution for you... (Score 1) 420

by Mr. Jackson (#45963727) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Suggestions For a Simple Media Server?
As for a "Roku-style box", Roku is great and beautifully simple. Plex works seamlessly with Roku; it installs as a channel just like Netflix. Plex, as you learned, is not as simple but is does more - tradeoff. You can send videos from the web to Plex for watching on your TV with a click but that feature doesn't always work, depending on the site; works for youtube. The hardest thing about Plex for me was port forwarding but in the end I found I didn't need it. I think the only think I give up is sharing my media library with devices and other people.

Comment: Paperless Office? That's Classified. (Score 2) 285

by Mr. Jackson (#42457539) Attached to: Campaign To Remove Paper From Offices
Working at a defense research lab, I went from a papered to a paperless office as I moved to projects with higher levels of national security classification. At the highest security levels, printing something involves writing a paper log entry, attaching cover and back sheets, entering the document into accountability and storing it in a safe. I used to like the mulling-over of data images that paper seemed to make more comfortable but I got over it. We all did. Even today I can see the degree of paperless-ness go up as I go from the areas of the building doing unclassified work to the locked vaults where we keep the dead aliens.

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I'm a Baptist turned Atheist so I guess we have the same qualifications. Reading Dawkins' The God Delusion was like coming out of the closet for me. We need more leaders willing to take on religion, proudly and confidently pointing out the BS, with the same pride and confidence that preachers/politicians try to feed us the BS.

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