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Comment: Re:Quality? (Score 0) 456

by Mr. Hamburger (#40028553) Attached to: Online Loneliness At Google+

Although sometimes Google+ will put something in your newsfeed that is completely unrelated to you, anyone you know, and is often unrelated to anything you are interested in. Which is kind of weird. I think they are trying to get you involved in a bigger community or something.

Nah, they only do that show it would look like there's at least something going on. But who are we kidding here, the place is a ghost town, killed, finished. Even Google themselves haven't made any updates to it in a long time. They were supposed to roll out applications and games for all third party developers.. six months ago.

They failed.

Comment: My experience on worlds subways (Score 4, Funny) 159

by Mr. Hamburger (#40025481) Attached to: World's Subways Share Common Mathematical Structure
The first subway I tried was in Berlin, Germany and it was somewhat daunting experience for someone who hadn't got used to the system. Previously I've only used systems where you pick what you want and get it.

But now there was tons of choices and moving around to get the whole trip finished. The lady over the counter would ask me tons of questions - like do I want white italian, parmesan & oregano, wheat or sesame bread. Southwest sauce, sweet onion, barbecue sauce or light mayo. Cheddar cheese, onions, lettuce, pickles, green peppers, jalapenos, with a choice of meat. Like pepperoni, salami, tuna, chicken, roast beef, meatballs, steak and cheese... ham or spicy italian... do I want extras like double cheese or bacon? Did someone say double bacon? Footlong or 6-inch...

The system greatly confused me. But being a warrior of food, I survived. I got my delicious subway. And you know what? Ever since I've loved subways. It is absolutely delicious. Chipotle southwest with ranch or light mayo is the ultimate sauce. What I cannot, however, understand is why would anyone put MUSTARD on a subway?

Oh dear god, American subway has PIZZA SUB? Why don't we have that here?? Aah, spicy pepperoni, cheese and marinara sauce. Do want.

Interesting story regarding pizzas, sandwiches and subways by the way. My old girlfriend used to LOVE tuna subways, while I only ate ham & cheese. She always laughed about it and told me to try something new. Too bad I didn't. But a few years later, I hit the wall. I could not eat anymore ham on pizzas or subways. It just started to taste like shit. I don't know why. But then I discovered the magical taste of tuna subways and pizzas along with salami and pepperoni and bacon. So for all of you who only eat one kind of ingredient all the time - do try something new. You only have one life to enjoy!

It is the quality rather than the quantity that matters. - Lucius Annaeus Seneca (4 B.C. - A.D. 65)