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Comment: Re:Sixteen children and one infant (Score 1) 249

by MobileTatsu-NJG (#48687561) Attached to: AirAsia Flight Goes Missing Between Indonesia and SIngapore

We don't feel that way due to some justification, we just do feel that way because we can't help it and then we rationalize that.

Actually... It is being rationalized on both sides of the debate, not one. Logic is being used, but only for one set of values, leading to a mistaken impression that one is right, as opposed to just having an opinion. Nobody is on any higher ground than "I have buddies here that agree with me". The reason for that is that this article was never about choosing which lives to save. The poster I replied to, in order to pose as a 'smarter than the rest of us' person, attempted to pervert it into that. But since he based it on a misunderstanding of why it came up in the first place, replying to my post about the actual value of the individual lives is fruitless. This scenario doesn't lend itself to this discussion.

None of what you said has any relevance to why the number of children and infants was brought up by the news outlet. If you want to have a hypothetical debate about the value of children, then let's talk about a scenario involving life boats.

Comment: Re:Tried red, black, brown still not happy. (Score 2) 173

by AbRASiON (#48683917) Attached to: Know Your Type: Five Mechanical Keyboards Compared

Look I would've thought so regarding the hours - but it's been 3 years of mechanicals now, you'd figure 6 months would be sufficient.

They are simply less forgiving with my ... well "drunken master" (?) style of typing. I can type without looking at the keyboard but I certainly don't use the correct fingers, I use only index, middle and ring mostly, yet can still drop 80 to 100 WPM (accurate) on a rubber dome.

The thing is a light, accidental tap of the wrong key on a mechanical seems to set it off, whereas on the rubber dome, you need a deeper throw for contact. Were I to be extremely accurate and on a light keyboard with elegant fingers, I suspect a red would be a delight to type on - as it stands though, I recall really fucking up accuracy on a red, hence going to brown and then finally black and still not entirely satisfied.

I'm not going to get rid of them any time soon, but I'd certainly consider going back to a rubber dome.
I really liked the shit out of the Samsung Pleomax PKB 8000 (IIRC) it's got a laptop style, scissor switch, short throw keys - fucking delight to type on - but the corners of each key was 'sharp' so in my typing style, every..... week a finger would literally catch under a key and throw the bastard off the keyboard. If it weren't for that, I'd totally have got 5 of them as spares. As it stands, I can't use that either.

Comment: Tried red, black, brown still not happy. (Score 3, Interesting) 173

by AbRASiON (#48683677) Attached to: Know Your Type: Five Mechanical Keyboards Compared

The "feel" of the keys is precise, the noise is great in a .. distinct way - they feel professional for lack of a better word.

None the less, I can STILL wack out about 5 to 10% more WPM on a standard US layout HP or Dell 101 traditional rubber dome. There's something about the amount of springyness in the keys and my typing style which makes me make a tiny amount more mistakes on a mechanical and I just can't quite thrash the keyboard as well. I think the throw depth is different.

Only one I haven't tried is blue :/ can't be bothered.
Also! My particular type style and depth throw when I hit keys, I manage to cause the keys to go haywire within 6 to 12 months. The black I'm typing on right now will double press certain keys fairly regularly (at least 3 to 5 times a day, it will result in something looking liike thiis more often than n ot)

Honestly, I don't hate my mechanicals but I'm just not convinced 3 years on after owning 5 of the things, that they are for everyone.

Comment: Re:Sixteen children and one infant (Score 5, Insightful) 249

by MobileTatsu-NJG (#48683651) Attached to: AirAsia Flight Goes Missing Between Indonesia and SIngapore

Adults have lived some of their life. Kids have missed out on things most believe everbody should be able to do before they die, like their first kiss.

Everybody here actually understands this, I have no idea why you all picked now to suddenly act like you're Mr. Spock.

Comment: The BROWN ones removed? (Score 1) 83

by AbRASiON (#48677881) Attached to: High Speed DIY M&M Sorting Machine Uses iPhone Brain

Ok firstly, I'm not cool with this blatant racism but far more important than racism is not targeting the fucking BLUE ones which are an abomination.

I once purchased a pack and every single one was blue, I was horrified, I washed the bastards in vinegar, then water, then let them dry on a towel*. Disgusting blue ones, ugh.
*(I'm not joking)

Comment: Re:And the scientific evidence for this conclusion (Score 1) 390

Yes, if you substitute one belief for another you greatly change the outcome of the extrapolation. "I beleive AI will never exist so that won't happen." Thanks for supporting my point that this sort of extrapolation is not science.

Comment: Re:And the scientific evidence for this conclusion (Score 1) 390

If you're going to commit to this exercise where you use extrapolation to arrive at a conclusion, then you're going to have to take things like 3d-printing into account and even just the general demand for machines that build machines that will lead to eventual technical advances.

Try to remember that when you cherry-pick what does and doesn't count when extrapolating stuff like this you're simply adding to the risk that earlier you implied was a bad thing.

Comment: Re:And the scientific evidence for this conclusion (Score 1) 390

Sure extrapolation is always risky, seems a far better to bet than going with super intelligent robots that don't exist at all on the only planet we know that has life on it.

If you apply that same extrapolation to what's happening here on Earth right now and you get right back to the super-robots being dominant. I'll give you a hint: robots are the dominant life-form on Mars right now.

It's hard to think of you as the end result of millions of years of evolution.