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Comment: Re:Dramatic effect and scientific precision (Score 1) 1017

by Mr Teddy Bear (#35885696) Attached to: Is Sugar Toxic?
A few points here:

1. HFCS is more fructose (not by much, but enough) and it is the fructose that is bad for you. The sugar is also bad. They are BOTH bad.
2. Fructose inhibits the body's ability to know that it is full so you eat more calories
3. Fructose is mostly metabolized by the liver, other sugars are metabolized by all the cells in the body

There's no valid argument that says that sugar is anything more than nominally better than HFCS. THEY ARE BOTH BAD when used out of moderation.

Comment: Re:Legally owns.... (Score 0) 262

by Mr Teddy Bear (#31858560) Attached to: Fine Print Says Game Store Owns Your Soul
It is easier than you think... If souls exist, it is a religious issue. And most religions state that God owns your soul, not you. It isn't yours to sell. Contract invalid. If they don't exist, there is nothing to sell. Contract invalid. Even if you come to the point that the soul is something that is yours, there is no way for one to collect on such a deal. Thus... you guessed it... contract invalid.

+ - Android Phone Used To Control Lego Robot

Submitted by andylim
andylim (1618383) writes "A team of Swedish engineers has developed an Android app to control a Lego Mindstorms robot. The app works using the Hero's tilt sensor to control the robot lego car and connects via Wi-Fi. As the team explained in a blog though, due to Android OS 1.5's limited Bluetooth support (not supporting the Bluetooth serial port profile, SPP), they used the Hero's Wi-Fi to send information to an Ubuntu Linux Laptop with a TCP/IP to Bluetooth tunnel (just a raw tunnel, no logic or programming)."

+ - Fifteen Consumer Electronics Design Mistakes->

Submitted by harrymcc
harrymcc (1641347) writes "We all know about the useless flashing 12:00 on VCRs. But you don't know about Benj's Law, which states that the number of buttons on remote controls doubles every fifteen years. That's only one tidbit in Benj Edwards's story for Technologizer, which details major and minor design defects with DVD players, cell phones, MP3 players, and more. It also tries to figure out what was in the minds of the designers behind them--which isn't always easy."
Link to Original Source

+ - Smallest gas turbine engine in the world 1

Submitted by
SK writes "A gas turbine engine measuring 10 cm in diameter and 15 cm in length, small enough to hold in one hand has been developed by a study group led by Tohoku University, Japan. The group succeeded in running such a small gas turbine engine and demonstrated the complete cycle for the first time in the world. The study group is working toward practical use of such a gas turbine engine as power sources of autonomous robots for disaster rescue and relief, and personal transportation vehicles indispensable in the aged (Japanese) society."
Operating Systems

+ - 30 things I've learned from using Linux ...->

Submitted by BBQ-buster
BBQ-buster (666) writes "ZDNet's Adrian Kingsley-Hughes has an interesting article called "30 things I've learned from using Linux ..." where a long-time Windows user discusses some of the things that he's learned from dabbling with Linux for a few months.

1. That I don't have to pay money to get my hands on a credible operating system.
2. There are far more Linux distros available that I have time to try them out.
3. Switching to Linux does not mean trouble-free computing.
4. Whenever you ask a Linux user which is the best distro, invariably the answer you'll get is the name of the distro that they're using.
5. In my opinion, the best Linux distro is Ubuntu.
6. No matter how much I like a GUI, and no matter how lazy years of using Windows made me, there's a lot to be said for using a command line.

Overall it's a very positive Linux article that should inspire others to give Linux a go."

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