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Henry's Python Programming Guide 143

Posted by ScuttleMonkey
from the not-just-for-programmers-anymore dept.
An anonymous reader writes "Seems like someone else has put up another Python programming guide, although this one seems to be a little easier to get through. From the article: 'My name is Henry the Adequate, and I am a Python programming Guru. I know all of their movies, and their TV shows, and can quote the dead parrot sketch in my sleep. In fact I do quote it in my sleep. That may explain why I am single, although it could also have something to do with the flamethrower. Naturally many old-timers want to know what this new-fangled Python thing is all about. "Henry," they say, "What is this new-fangled Python thing all about?" See what i mean? So, here, at last, is the article you have all been waiting for...'"

Life or Death for Tivo 284

Posted by Zonk
from the i-like-his-silly-feet dept.
CUShane writes "The Washington Post is running an article on the patent case between Tivo and EchoStar regarding Tivo's DVR technology. The article states that Tivo has a better than 70% chance of winning, while a loss would basically doom the company. Is there a possibility that the patent system is working right in this case?" From the article: "TiVo attorney Morgan Chu has been arguing in court that TiVo's inability to turn a profit, despite the popularity of its product, is partially because of EchoStar's infringing on its patent. TiVo co-founder Michael Ramsay testified that he showed EchoStar executives the TiVo product and pursued a licensing deal with them, but that a deal was never struck even though EchoStar began selling its own DVRs that used technology very similar to TiVo's."
User Journal

Journal: We don't know because we don't care. 9

Journal by Mr Guy
After the unleashing of comments from around the world after the recent unvieling of the overtly political section of slashdot, I'm again struck by the fact that there are a few basic disconnects between US culture and much of the rest of the world. No amount of canjoling, diplomacy, or arguing is going to fix US relations until we address the problems at their source.
User Journal

Journal: Shakepeare

Journal by Mr Guy
How's this for a first pass:

$scene = "Hamlet" ."3/1";
$scene ~= m/bb|(?!bb)/ Question();
sub Question
( $mind{ suffer( $outrageous_fortune{ "Slings and arrows"} ) }
$mind { take_arms( "sea of troubles" ) } sleep(1) || die;
if( $mind { take_arms( "sea of troubles" ) } )
return (-1);
my $flesh, %heir_to;
$flesh = $consummation;
%heir_to = { "heart-

Aren't you glad you're not getting all the government you pay for now?