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Comment Re:In Alaska... (Score 1) 568

For turn markings and the like, there's no reason not to have marking 100 yards each side of the turn.

Curiously, in Britain, it's the narrow winding roads that are the least likely to have road markings in the first place. And compared to the nice broad straight roads that are pretty much the norm in the US, some of our country roads are extremely narrow and twisty.

Comment Broadcast doesn't matter. (Score 1) 105

Maybe Japan is different, but I really suspect that 4K and 8K broadcasts are simply not going to be a big thing. People who with the latest technology are a lot more into streaming than broadcast TV.

The broadcasters giving streaming services another leg up seems idiotic, and business as usual.

Comment Re:Whatever happened to the do not call list? (Score 1) 251

It works. I successfully settled with a telemarketer for $300. Suntasia out in Florida. I'm in Arizona. They later got raided by the feds.

You have to tell them not to call you, document every call they make to you and track them down. I managed to find Suntasia's lawyer and got the ball rolling. They hired a local firm so I made it a point to divide responses between the states to waste their time and money.

After they gave me $300 I told the lawyer that I really didn't care who got their money, I was happy that the lawyer made some money as well. I didn't hire a lawyer. I think it cost a few bucks to file. So basically they probably spent 3-4 hours of their money on very expensive lawyers and lost.

You have to read the telemarketing laws and match up your documentation with the laws they broke and then file the paperwork and follow through.

It takes awhile and they'll fight it but you just have to stick with it until they cry uncle.

Comment Re:So the protest... (Score 1) 255

This was probably pretty easy for them. Apparently they have two people watching the movie, and they discuss it afterwards. They also watch it in "cinema-like" conditions, which I guess means they also have a projectionist.

The price is probably worked out assuming that there are going to be a lot of controversial films, that need long reports, management sign off, discussion with the film-maker over what needs to be cut to get a rating and the potential for appeals.

None of this really applies here.

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