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Comment No, Never, No! (Score 1) 267

Movie theaters are not pleasant places to view video entertainment

In fact, I can't imagine a worse place to watch stuff (OK, maybe Turkish prison)

To go to a theater, I need to drive through traffic, find a parking spot, wait in line, sit in a VERY uncomfortable seat, then watch the thing linearly, with no ability to pause or rewind

I'll wait for Netflix

Comment For many users, yes..but (Score 1) 299

Serial ports are still used in a LOT of equipment

USB-to-serial adapters work, but have a maddening array of annoying quirks. It seems like every time you plug one in, it gets a different COM port ID

Parallel ports are also used in a lot of specialized stuff (like low-budget CNC). NOT for printing, but for providing a somewhat high-speed, 5V logic level digital interface

USB-to-parallel adapters fail miserably in this case. They are programmed to provide a printer port, but some software uses the hardware I/O addresses, NOT the printer driver

Comment Nevada City, CA (Score 3, Informative) 464

Absolutely beautiful! I love living here!

We are 90 miles from Sacramento, and have a great community!

Our local ISP is in the final stages of approval for a gigabit fiber network. Once we have internet, we will have it all

Yes, new tech business are welcomed here. Our economic development council is active in encouraging tech businesses to come here

We have a strong tech history. The Grass Valley Group has been producing top of the line video equipment for decades

I just hope that we don't get overwhelmed. Part of the magic of this place is its smallness and lack of density

It's a difficult balance..more businesses will provide jobs and help the area.. or OH SHIT!, here comes the avalanche

So yeah, I strongly encourage a VERY FEW tech companies to locate here

Comment I would welcome ads if.. (Score 1) 307

They actually informed me about the existence or features of products I am in the market for

The vast majority of ads are wasted on me

For example..

I love craft beer

If I saw an ad for an interesting IPA that I had never tasted, I would look for it next time I went beer shopping

Ads for BudMillerCoors are ignored, completely and totally. I am not their customer. No amount of advertising, of any form, would ever make me their customer

Comment This is the wrong direction (Score 1) 289

Currently, the limiting factor in software development is managing complexity

Simple programs become complex as features are added and design decisions evolve

The current direction of layers and layers of frameworks on top of managed runtimes is wrong. It simply adds more incomprehensible complexity

We need modeling and visualization tools to help us manage and control the complexity

Almost everything the author said in the article is the wrong direction. We don't need non-interchangeable parts, designed to facilitate intellectual property ownership

Mechanical engineers can buy a screw, ball bearing, gearbox and use them freely, wherever they fit. They don't need to adopt a design "religion" or include a large, restrictive set of base classes and frameworks

Comment We don't need a law (Score 1) 446

Any person who pays attention knows that ALL processed food contains GMOs

Unless you know the farmer personally, or REALLY trust the advertising of the "organic" producers, it's safe to assume that ALL corn and soybeans, and ALL products made from corn and soybeans contain GMOs

Kinda reminds me of Cal prop 65, requiring sellers to disclose if their products caused cancer in lab animals. Now EVERY product has the warning, and everybody ignores it

Comment Consider the listening environment (Score 1) 574

Lots of people listen in the car, on crappy earbuds, in a crappy room..etc

VERY FEW people listen in a treated room with excellent, calibrated monitors

Yes, trained, critical listeners, in a great room, with great equipment and great ears can tell the difference doesn't matter for most people

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