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Comment Competing with the entrenched leader is hard (Score 1) 279

You can't just be equal, you can't just be good, you must be better..MUCH order of magnitude better.. night vs day better

Google+ was kinda as good as Facebook..maybe

The inertia (and pain) of switching from Facebook..and convincing ALL of your friends to switch from Facebook was too high a bar

Comment We don't need a law (Score 1) 446

Any person who pays attention knows that ALL processed food contains GMOs

Unless you know the farmer personally, or REALLY trust the advertising of the "organic" producers, it's safe to assume that ALL corn and soybeans, and ALL products made from corn and soybeans contain GMOs

Kinda reminds me of Cal prop 65, requiring sellers to disclose if their products caused cancer in lab animals. Now EVERY product has the warning, and everybody ignores it

Comment Consider the listening environment (Score 1) 574

Lots of people listen in the car, on crappy earbuds, in a crappy room..etc

VERY FEW people listen in a treated room with excellent, calibrated monitors

Yes, trained, critical listeners, in a great room, with great equipment and great ears can tell the difference doesn't matter for most people

Comment The correct way to pick your major.. (Score 3, Insightful) 306 to look at your passion and talent. Of course, you can't ignore the job market, but it should be a secondary consideration

For example..when programming is the HOT market..

The talented, passionate people do very well because of their talent and passion..and are rewarded handsomely (like me)

The not-so-talented or passionate may get a job during the boom, it may even pay well, but when the bust comes, they are the first ones "staff reduced"

NEVER pick a career based on the job market unless you have (at least a little) talent and passion for it

Comment I object to the name "modern" (Score 1) 186

Some designer who cares more about fashion than functionality comes up with a "new" idea

Management decides to vote for fashion over usability, and decides to force it on users who hate it and don't want it

At first, they called it "metro", a perfectly fine name

Then, they decided that they needed to strong-arm the users a bit more, so they renamed it "modern"

This is a classic use of a name as propaganda to make users believe that "modern" is better, and the alternative is "obsolete"

On the desktop, the metro interface sucks and blows at the same time

Comment Silly article (Score 2) 597

Lots of devices, like AC motors require AC to run. This includes air conditioning systems and refrigerators, which are the biggest power users in a typical home

Modern AC-DC power supplies are much more efficient than the article claims

But, the biggest reason this is silly is the ENORMOUSLY HUGE number of existing devices that run on AC

Maybe, maybe it might make sense for a VERY small number of VERY specialized devices in new construction

Comment This does NOT belong in cars (Score 4, Insightful) 76

Looks to me like marketoids chasing buzzwords

Car companies should concentrate on making cars and leave the fashionable electronics to the fashionable electronic manufacturers

I wonder how many cars still have built-in analog cellphones? or built-in cassette players?

The ONLY thing that should be built-in is a speaker system, tuned to the acoustics of the car, with an amplifier and aux jack

ALL other "infotainment" devices should be separate

Comment The art of doing more with less (Score 4, Insightful) 175

..seems to be forgotten

Old time programmers remember squeezing every bit of performance out of a system

I remember doing image processing on a 4MHz 8088, in 1986, in assembly

Modern processors are INSANELY powerful..yet, most of the power is wasted on layers and layers of crap that incompetent programmers don't even realize is there

We need to re-discover efficiency in programming

Comment It depends on what you are doing (Score 2) 276

Simple programs used by the general public could conceivably be served from the cloud to a browser

Even for those simple things, many people will still prefer local data and local control

I find it hard to imagine that serious stuff like CAD, video editing, digital audio workstations, etc could ever be forced into this model

I, for one, require local data, local software and local control..and I will NEVER rent software

Comment The government wants you to think.. (Score 1) 212

..that they are totally honest and competent, and that weakening security will only hurt the bad guys

In the real world, government security is done by people who actually want to work for the government..if you're at the bottom of the technological barrel..hey, a job is a job..and government jobs have job security. Yeah, I have to take a drug test..but that's OK..I don't use illegal drugs (within the testing window)

If you are on the other side of the fence..all that matters is technical competence

You might be a criminal, or a terrorist, or someone who is just pissed off..but IF you have the ability to exploit the weaknesses that are intentionally introduced, under the pretext of national will win

Comment I remember the beginning.. (Score 1) 105

..of the personal computer era

Most of the speculations about how personal computers would be used were wrong..comically wrong

Most of the articles I see today about the Internet of Things seem silly, comically silly (NO, I don't want my refrigerator to order anything)

I suspect that there may actually be some useful ways to put "things" on the internet..we just haven't invented them yet

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