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+ - AT&T and Apple to allow VoIP on iPhone->

Submitted by MoxFulder
MoxFulder (159829) writes "Blogger Cecilia Kang at the Washington Post reports that AT&T plans to allow Apple to enable VoIP applications on the iPhone. Presumably this will include Google Voice? Apparently, they are trying to stay ahead of government regulation, now that it looks like the FCC is ready to enact rules enforcing network neutrality."
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Social Networks

+ - Chinese Internet users take a different approach->

Submitted by
MoxFulder writes "Newsweek's China blog has a fascinating article on social networking and Internet use in China. Basically, it looks like China's users differ from their Western counterparts in several ways... they're younger and use the net more for entertainment than information. They like the immediacy and intimacy of instant messaging, while Facebook, Myspace, and their local counterparts haven't taken off. One great quote: "Young Chinese were more likely than Americans to say their online lives were more intense than the real thing (48 percent versus 12 percent)." The web may become more attuned to Chinese interests, as their online numbers increase."
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+ - AMD Quad-Core Desktop Processor Report (Phenom)

Submitted by MoxFulder
MoxFulder (159829) writes "As a follow-up to Sunday's report on the upcoming quad-core Barcelona server processors, TechARP has published a new report on Phenom, AMD's upcoming quad-core desktop processor. An interesting read, though unfortunately lacking in actual performance numbers... since AMD hasn't supplied much in the way of benchmark data or sample processors yet. AMD is touting its monolithic implementation as a major advantage over the split-die design of the Core 2 Quad, but it's not certain that this will translate to real-world performance. With Intel's agressive 50% price cut on its Q6600 quad-core processor, is AMD too late to compete at the quad-core game?"

+ - eBay blocking thumbnail images from toolbar users

Submitted by
MoxFulder writes "Remember yesterday when a group of Stanford students released an eBay toolbar for Firefox — before the Mozilla-eBay collaboration released its official toolbar? Well, beyond being a major embarassment, that toolbar offers features eBay doesn't want its users to have, namely the ability to view thumbnail images for auctions that haven't paid for them.

Looks like eBay is fighting back, by punishing users of the Stanford toolbar. If you install the Stanford toolbar and log in to an eBay account, you'll suddenly be unable to view the thumbnails whenever you're logged into that account. I installed the Stanford toolbar earlier today, and all the thumbnails disappeared from the "List View" on eBay (try it yourself!). I found that when I logged in from another computer, the thumbnails disappeared again. The only way for me to get the thumbnails back is to log out of my account.

Isn't this a pretty drastic measure for eBay to take? Banning toolbar users from seeing all thumbnails? Might this violate eBay's contractual obligations to those who have actually paid to display thumbnails?"

+ - AMD promises open source graphics drivers

Submitted by
MoxFulder writes "Henri Richard, AMD's VP of sales, has promised to deliver open-source drivers for ATI graphics cards (recently acquired by AMD) at the recent Red Hat Summit. This is pretty huge news for proponents of open-source device drivers... in the last year, Intel, the leading provider of integrated graphics cards, has opened their drivers. But ATI and NVidia, the only two players in the market for high-performance discrete graphics cards, have so far released only closed-source drivers for their cards. This has created numerous compatibility, stability, and ethical problems for users of Linux and other open source OSes, and prompted projects like Nouveau to try and reverse-engineer NVidia drivers. Hopefully AMD's decision will put pressure on NVidia to release open-source drivers as well!"

+ - "DVD Jon" profiled in Fortune Magazine

Submitted by
moxfulder writes "Fortune Magazine has a thorough profile of "DVD Jon", who famously wrote DeCSS to decrypt DVDs and play them in Linux. Now he's taking on Apple's FairPlay DRM, used in Itunes. The articles hears from Jon and the record companies, and it gives a glimpse into Jon's current hacking activities! He's founded a company called DoubleTwist to distribute his FairPlay-breaking software."

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