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Comment: Re:so what about all my old devices? (Score 2) 254

by Movi (#46112427) Attached to: Old-school Wi-Fi Is Slowing Down Networks, Cisco Says

I'm a network engineer myself, so I get the points you're making, but you have to realize - to Nintendo, these are TOYS. Not software you have to perpetually support. It has a shelf life, which ran out some time ago now. Online wasn't even that big part of the console anyway (compared to what you have with Xbox Live or PSN) so it doesn't matter if it fades to obscurity.

Oh, and neither the console nor the games could be updates. It's different on the 3DS now.

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by Movi (#37380334) Attached to: HTC Considering Buying Own OS

I totally get what you mean, but i think the comparison you wanted is Desire HD -> Incredible S (i own the DHD), where the ONLY difference was a front facing camera, and the enclosure. And the model came out what.. 3-4 months after DHD came out? Same with Desire -> Desire S. And then less than 5 months after the Incredible S, lo and behold, Sensation, which compared to both IS the new generation (dual core processor). But WTF didn't they make the DHD with a FFC and made it the ultimate model for at least half a year?

So yeah, they like to shit out phones like it's nobodies business. But hey! Didn't Nokia do the EXACT SAME THING?

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by Movi (#34864872) Attached to: Jimmy Wales Declares App Store Models a Threat

Yes, i do think he has a point. Actually i've been bragging about the same thing (and more) ever since Apple announced the Mac App store. Not only apps are gonna go to the cloud (think the new cloud based office), but apps are gonna go to the pay-for-service model, hardware will unify to either expensive (and maybe even licensed, like console SDK style) workstation type, and dumbified cloud-clients like the iPad. This is NOT a good future, and is pretty much the bleakest scenario.

I was just pointing out that Android is NOT locked down compared to the other smartphones out there (WP7, iDevices).

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by Movi (#34345964) Attached to: PC Gaming 'a Generation Ahead' of Consoles, Says Crytek Boss

I invite you to look at Shadow of the Colossus. HDR, fur shader, fairy shader, DoF, very nice looking motion blur, IK, and much more flashy effects, on a 200Mhz MIPS machine with 32MB of ram, complete with data streaming. That, and the game is considered to a goddam piece of art if there was ever a game that was worthy of calling art.

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