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Comment Re: Austraila (Score 1) 166

Which is why we saw an armed uprising against the government when it was revealed by a whistleblower that it's actively spying on its populace on basically all fronts with no oversight...

Wait, no, that didn't happen. Nobody gave a shit, and some of the populace was even defending this shit. Right. You keep your guns. It's a token showing how useless it is against a weak and complacent mind.

Comment Re:c'mon (Score 1) 306

Well, they deman equality of *results*, sometimes even superiority in many other fields - high paying jobs, political power, legislation benefits. So hell, why not equalize suicide rates? Hell, I'm pretty sure the high male suicide rate is either a social construct or a sign of "The Patriarchy" to them anyway.

Comment Re:OSX is a hammer without a handle (Score 1) 296

No, it isn't. Seriously, I've not seen any real evidence of this.

Move a window. See how the window lags behind the cursor? (Or the cursor lags behind the window, i don't remember). That's one. Now scroll in either chrome or firefox. Less than 60fps. Enable compositing - now you've lost vsync with any kind of accelerated video (unless you enable that ugly hack in intel drivers, which slashes performance in half). That's just the top of my head.

If anything it's one of the best performing systems out there

Even the current developers of Xorg disagree with you

On some cards with the "glamour" driver, all 2D operations are done on the graphics card using shaders. Never mind the EXA and XAA systems which have also used older 2D acceleration.

That's exactly ONE driver - intel. And glamour is a HACK. It does a double-reacharound to do what wayland does by default (and any other sane windowing system). With adding the X protocol cruft with all it's stupid extensions on top.

Yes it does and you're just making shit up.

No, I'm not. First it was XAA, which did shitall. Then it was RENDER, which supposedly did what glamour does now. Oh, and let's not forget about EXA, FMA and other 3 letter acronyms which were supposed to "fix it". I read Keiths blog regularly, I remember his benchmark for intel, when he worked on SMA and GLAMOR (too lazy to link to his benchmark, but you can use google). And let's get this straight, all those "acceleration" extensions were for one purpose - going AROUND the X protocol, because it was designed for LINES, not bitmaps.

So using shaders to do 2D stuff is a "hack" in your book? How does that make any sense whatsoever?

No, doing 2D in shaders is exactly what you want. Gluing that to the X protocol is patently stupid and counterproductive. It's a stopgap until the Linux desktop adopts wayland.

Did OSX get some hardware accelerated features first? Yes, but it didn't get hardware assisted rendering of any sort first

Actually, it did.

OS X 10.4 (Quartz Extreme 2D) - 2005
Win 7 (DirectDraw) - 2009
Linux - about now-ish, and STILL not fully adopted. Unless you can point me to a data source that claims otherwise. And no, hacks like glamour (which got release a fucking month ago!) or Xgl don't count (it doesn't matter really, since it was just compositing)

Comment Re:OSX is a hammer without a handle (Score 1) 296

While i hate systemD (Gentoo user here), it takes a minute playing around with weston to notice that we should've been using this for a long time. Xorg IS old, slow, buggy and deprecated by all standards.

And this is exactly why OS X is superior in that regard. They had GPU assisted rendering (first compositing, then full UI rendering) since what? 2005? I remember it was around 10.4 PPC. We have 10.10 now. Windows only figured it out on Vista and up. Linux STILL doesn't have it (Xgl was just compositing) unless you count hacks like glamour.

Comment Re:OSX is a hammer without a handle (Score 1) 296

X11 is neither antiquated or stale

Which is why the Linux world is so eagerly jumping on the wayland/Mir bandwagon, right?

Such as?

Textmate would be one fine example that I use, you also have Sublime (granted, it's multiplatform) and Coda if web development is your cup of tea.
And then you can have pretty much ANY of the Linux text editors if you wish, as GP said.

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