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Comment Re:Leonard Susskind. (Score 3, Informative) 161

I don't know if that is Suskind's view. Some physicists certainly hold the view that you do not see inside the black hole and what an external observer thinks of as the interior is really the surface.

That however is not the holographic principle. The holographic principle stats that there is an equivalence of certain 3 dimension gauges theories with four dimensional quantum gravity.

Comment Re:Sad (Score 1) 452

I think there is a bit more to it.
I think that it was either Pao's idea or JJ's and he went to Pao. She then suggests it. Victoria says "bad idea". Which it is. JJ can't stop running his mouth. A controversial person who can't stop running his mouth on the internet is going to wind up getting results like the "LemonLyman" website episode of the West Wing.

From what I hear that is exactly what happened. JJ wound up shooting himself in the testicles. now Pao needs someone to blame. So goodbye Victoria. The rest is history.

Comment Re:Yeah, basil is nice (Score 1) 279

And tomatoes can be grown in the city, but how can I make Urban Mozzarella? I don't think my landlord will let me keep an Italian Mediterranean buffalo in my studio apartment.. Maybe I can build a stall in my parking spot.

Remember the million dollar hamburger? The slab of meat they grew without a cow? Once they get good at it I suspect they can grow mammary tissue which can be used to produce milk.

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