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+ - Obamacare subsidies struck down.

Submitted by MouseTheLuckyDog
MouseTheLuckyDog (2752443) writes "A federal appeals court has just struck down, the provision for granting tax subsidies for those who get their insurance through the federal website.

This in particular, shows up all those wnnabe geek idiots, who have been in ./. discussions saying that "The Supreme Court has found Obamacare constitutional.", that it is now "settled law". ( Just like "global warming is settled science". ) Obamacare was found to impose it's mandate constitutionally, and even then all aspects of "the mandate" were not considered, just whether it was constitutional to impose a mandate. Obamacare is complex and large. Very large. We now see two aspects of it, contraception and subsidies struck down. Whether it's some left/right thing, some Apple/Google thing, some tablet/desktop thing, some C/.Jabva/C#/Python thing, it is becoming common for one aspect to of an argument to be used to justify an entirely different argument ( "Double Checking Locking doesn't work therefore C sucks for multithreaded apps." ) let Obamacare stand as an example that, one must understand the context of an argument if one is to understand the argument."

Comment: Re:This is sexist (Score 1) 158

by MouseTheLuckyDog (#47470253) Attached to: ChickTech Brings Hundreds of Young Women To Open Source

That's because they pretend to like diversity, but come to work everyday dressed as Pennywise, or respect "Talk like a Pirate Day".

Shoot I've been harassed at work for using fountain pens with purple ink, working with my office light off, and a bunch of other stuff.

They wanmt their token diversity, but when it comes ot real diversity forget it.

Comment: Re:Doesn't prove a damned thing (Score 1) 710

"The findings were based on the Household Electricity Survey, which closely monitored the electricity use and views of 250 families over a year. "

Over a year? So what? If its based on a mere year or two, nearly every family in the world would have increased or remained at parity when it comes to electrical usage simply because of increased computer/electronics/cell phone usage. That doesn't mean they don't worry about the climate change, it just means energy usage changes have offset our increased electrical in electronics.

.Do you think that next year they are going to give up their cell phones? Really?

"Only the hypocrite is really rotten to the core." -- Hannah Arendt.