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Comment Re:Big Whoop (Score 1) 319

You mean the chart that is a lie? Really I have to wonder how long it took the author to dream it up.
In the period of time Sun had already decided to stop production on 64 bit Sparcs. They considered themselves strongly into the transition from a hardware to a software company. In fact that 200% blip is caused from the hype around Java and it distorts everything in the graph.

Remove Sun and Carly's record does not look so good. Add Apple ( which is noticably absent ) and it looks even worse.

Comment Re:Carly may have been outfoxed by a rock (Score 1) 319

Not that I would consider her malicious. Beyond putting her personal income beyond the needs of HP and all the employees that got laid off, I would say most of what happened under her reign was just due to incompetence.

Not that I would consider her malicious. Beyond putting her personal income beyond the needs of HP and all the employees that got laid off, I would say most of what happened under her reign was just due to incompetence.

Malicious no. Machiavellian, in the sense that she doesn't care how her actions affect other people, as long as they cause good things for Carly.

The saddest thing is the way that she is redefining her record. She is even going around saying she is the woman that saved HP. Her campaign paid for a full page ad in the NYT where Tom Perkins says it was a big mistake for the board to fire her.

Bloomberg published this little thing claiming to show she wasn't all that bad. Chart that shows Carly was not a bad CEO

I tried to get a story up here on that, I don't know why they rejected it.

Submission Was Carly a failure at HP? 7

MouseTheLuckyDog writes: With Carly Fiorina, now running for President, her tenure at HP is once again under a microscope. A recent article claims that her stay wasn't as bad as it seemed. The main argument is a graph of HP, IBM,, Dell and Sun's stock performance.

My own take is the graph is "cooked". Sun, for the most part, never generic desktops or laptops. Furthermore Sun mostly depended on Sparc chips which were on their last legs at the time. The end result is that the graph looks like one you would expect of three French vintners and one California vintner. Sun's 200% peak ( due to java ) makes variations in the other 3 companies performances look small.

Furthermore, Apple is glaringly missing. If Apple were included, the graph would be a flatline clearly showing the graph was cooked. With Apple in, they would have to cut the graph off at 2007 showing a more realistic view of Carly's performance.

So what do you think. Was the article correct? What do you think of Fiorina's job at HP? ( From what I remember "worst CEO ever" about sums it up. ) Links from that period of time would be appreciated, since I think it is going to be a long election season and the issue will not go away anytime soon.

Comment THe obvious and embarassing. (Score 1) 365

If some alien culture were to look at Earth and try to determine if there were advanced cultures what would they determine?

Well if they are more then 200 light years away they won't see anything. Why? Those signs of intelligent culture when applied to us would not yet have reached those cultures. Reverse that. We can say that we know of no advanced culture in an approximately 200 light year radius. Of the Milky Ways approximately 100,000 light year radius.

What does that get us? We know that there are no advanced civilizations in 10^-5 part of the Milk Way or about 001 % of the galaxy. Still plenty of room.

Comment Re:but is space whiskey better? (Score 1) 210

"Its intense aroma had hints of antiseptic smoke, rubber and smoked fish,

I can understand where the smell of antiseptic and rubber came from in the space station.......but wherefore the smoked fish???

Ohh. That so begs ab abswer, but I lack the balls to post it. Or maybe it's that I do have balls...

Comment Re:Leonard Susskind. (Score 3, Informative) 172

I don't know if that is Suskind's view. Some physicists certainly hold the view that you do not see inside the black hole and what an external observer thinks of as the interior is really the surface.

That however is not the holographic principle. The holographic principle stats that there is an equivalence of certain 3 dimension gauges theories with four dimensional quantum gravity.

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