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+ - Good News: Earth May Survive Sun's Demise->

Submitted by mlimber
mlimber (1149251) writes "In five billion years when the sun runs out of fuel, it will become a red giant, bloating out to consume the nearer planets. Or so we thought. A team of astronomers has announced that it has found a planet that apparently survived its star's great swelling and was pushed out instead of being swallowed up. Will Earth be able to survive likewise? It seems that there is at least a chance, though it would still almost certainly wipe out life as we know it."
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Comment: I had a similar problem (Score 5, Funny) 357

by Mothra the III (#20507353) Attached to: Don't Dismiss Online Relationships As Fantasy
I had been getting computer advise from someone who I thought was a fat, balding, middle-aged dude working from his moms basement, wearing a Yoda t-shirt and eating hot pockets. It turns out this person was really a ho, horny supermodel who was cruising the internet to find victims to satisfy her lusts and to spend her millions of dollars. You never get over that kind of betrayal

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