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Comment Re:Video Production Hard Drives (Score 1) 239

Firewire uses 1 controller for one port. USB uses one controller for 4 ports.

I have 3 controllers for 4 USB ports in my computer. Two 2.0 on one controller, and one 3.0 controller each for the other two ports.

Use a 2.0 shared for HID or printer, and the 3.0 for one storage device each, or other high bandwidth/low latency devices.

Comment Re:Avoidance (Score 1) 50

I've known two people that served in the US military, one in the Marines and one in the Navy. Both observed that officers and enlisted that worked closely with the CO moved up much faster than those that did field work.

It's actually the other way around. The boss (CO) sees people who have potential, and moves them into positions next to him. They didn't get there by accident.
How did he see that potential? Because they were good to start with, and visibly demonstrated that potential.

To continue to move up, you need a wide range of experience. Field, staff, joint, classroom...

Comment Re: Pretty much everything (Score 1) 239

I've played 2-player one-keyboard. Player 1 using 4-keys WASD style for movement, another 4 for view, 2-4 for weapons. moving forward right and looking back left requires holding 4 keys. Firing, one. 5x2 people is 10.

That's one case, I've also used games where you have 10 or more keys for abilities, and sometimes you want to mash buttons for all of them, clicking them as much/fast as you can without regard to order or precedence. But you want to hit them all. just because #10 is hit last, you don't want that keypress lost.

Comment Re:Not replaced: serial and parallel ports. (Score 1) 239

You could be like the idiot IT manager at my last job. He believed in standardization, and wanted his staff to have a serial port, so he required a really expensive desktop replacement laptop for everyone in the company, just so his IT team would have a serial port, and there'd be only one computer for everyone in the company for support.

Comment Re:Litigious Much (Score 1) 811

Nope. For one, I don't speak for feminism. For another, fighting for "equality" for some specific things, while others are obviously still inequal is not fighting for equality, it's perpetuating inequality.

Think of it this way, you are playing Fallout, and you have 35 points to spend on SPECIAL. Is 10,4,4,4,4,4,5, "equal to" 5,5,5,5,5,5,5? Or, we'll make them equal by giving the second a +5 strength hat so the S isn't unequal. Then everyone's equal. Except they aren't.

When nothing is equal, inequality can only be measured on the whole. Picking one stat to increase for one person or class almost never increases equality. So why would you think it would in this case, when the person with 40 points in a 35 point world is complaining because he needs a speech check and wants his C to be no less than anyone else on the planet, for equality's sake?

In a 35 point world, the 40 point person will be at a disadvantage at times, but less than anyone else overall. Subtracting points from the 35 point person to make sure nobody is better than the 40 point person seems a very backwards, but is the type of "equality" you are asking for, then attacking anyone pointing out your logic error.

You are an MRA in that you are arguing on holding down the 35 pointers to make sure they never have an advantage over the privileged class of 40 pointers. That's not equality, that's privilege. As I'm for equality, I'm against your MRA privilege agenda.

Comment Re:Oh, really? (Score 1) 220

What does "satureated" mean to you? Is it the most negative word you can come up for for "Vivid"? If saturated were a bad thing, why is it so hard for anyone to define it in a way that someone else can see it?

Everyone claiming OLED is better sounds indistinguishable from the audiophile people everyone here makes fun of. I know it's better, I'm not sure how, but I'm sure I know it when I see it. I'm convinced that if I swapped OLED and LCD cards on phones in a store, everyone here that hates LCD but loves OLED would say the wrongly labeled OLED phone was the best.

Comment Re:Bullshit (Score 1) 280

Actually, the standard 3.5mm jack does have a design flaw. When it's inserted, it sticks out from the device. That's fine if you want to place the device in a pocket so that the jack is pointed at the opening. But if for some reason you want to orient the device so the jack is pointed away from the opening, it'll stick out and catch on things, increasing the risk of breakage.

A better design would be a spring-loaded recessed plug, so when you press the jack in all the way, only the flexible part of the wires stick out of the device. Or something that latches on flat against the side of the device (spring clip or magnetically attached).

Comment Re:Source Code (Score 1) 45

The ransomware gets its name from the fact that the "DecryptorMax" string is found in multiple places inside its source code.

They distributed the source code with the ransomware?

Or the strings in the source code ended up generating strings in the object code and something like the "strings" tool found them.

Comment Re: Because backups are important (Score 1) 45

We can only assume they are too cheap, lazy or distracted with other things to keep frequent backups.

Or they think they ARE keeping backups, because they ARE - on a different part of the same disk, using automated processes provided and touted by the vendor - but the ransomware disables the tools and deletes the backups. Oops!

There's a difference between "backups" and "adequate, off-machine, backups".

Comment Looks to me like an oversight. (Score 1) 45

Why would you need a random .png from the Internet? Can't they just keep whatever part they need (header?) as part of the binary?

I'd guess:
  - The authors wrote the tool to use enough of the start of an encrypted/clear file pair to generate / sieve the key and deployed that.
  - Some used discovered, after the tool was deployed, that the invariant header of a .png file was long enough that any .png file could function as the "clear" for any encrypted .png (or at least that many unrelated pairs could do that.)

I'd bet that, if the authors had thought there was a nearly-universally-present file type the ransomware would chose to encrypt, with a large enough header to pull off this trick, they'd have included a canned header and the option to use it in the tool.

Comment The HELL they can't! (Score 1) 43

That's something conventional flow batteries can't do.hat's something conventional flow batteries can't do.

The hell they can't. Industrial-scale Vanadium Redox flow batteries are doing that right now, in utility companies, and have been for a couple years. (In New Zeeland, if I recall correctly.)

I think the reason they're not more widely used already is that they're under patent protection, the company is small, and its owners don't want to license the technology or dilute their equity, so the supply is limited to their ramp-up and funding sources.

Comment Re:battery vs capacitor (Score 4, Insightful) 43

When does the battery become capacitor?

When the voltage across it is directly proportional to percentage of charge.

And they already did, many years ago. That's what "supercapacitors" are: Electrochemical cells where the charge is stored by migrating, but not ionization-state-changing, ions in a solution (rather than by migrating electrons within two conductors (one metal, the other metal or conductive liquid) separated by an insulator, as in a conventional or electrolytic capacitor, or ionization-state-changing ions in the cells of a conventional battery,where the voltage only changes slightly with state of charge until nearly full discharge.

Comment Re:Disposable screens for disposable products? (Score 1) 220

You still don't have an answer about i3 vs i7

Ah, so you lie to support your position. I answered that, you just feed lies and insults. You can't tell them apart either, or you'd have an answer. I have mine in your inability to answer my simple question (aside from breaking open an display unit and hooking up power meters to it, or running special apps to display test patterns that would highlight differences - both proof that the display itself isn't very different).

As you refuse to answer the question, and just hurl insults, I'm done. But thanks for such a long argument when you clearly agree with me, as you haven't contradicted me once, just insulted and argued. I'm sorry that reality doesn't agree with your opinion, but when the two conflict, holding on to your opinion is a mental illness, and I have no time for willful idiots like yourself. This would have been much easier if you had just told the truth, as all your answers are summed up by "they are the same, but I prefer OLED for reasons I can't articulate".

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