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Comment Re:The above is informative ? (Score 1) 427

No, I did read the links. You obviously didn't understand them. The reason the recent history has been better is that the numbers are heavily skewed with a few World Wars, and the internal actions of China and Russia. Correct for world wars, and a few "isolated" internal actions, and the deaths you are counting are relatively steady.

Comment Re:Yeah, nah. (Score 1) 427

Because, nice as the US is, has a reputation of harassing ex-citizens. Going back to visit relatives gets you on lots of lists that need inspections, searches, and lots of questions.

I think the un-Fair Tax is evil, but if it ever passes, it'll simplify my tax liability greatly. I think the only country in the world that taxes non-resident citizens is the US.

Comment Re:This is why (Score 1) 127

It's easy to snipe others for "sucking off the government teat" when you're young, healthy, and well-to-do. Try it when you're old, sick, unemployed or under-employed, and have been looted your whole working lifetime by that very government, to put milk into those teats for others to suck and ration you a few drops of your own back.

And don't dump on me for voting for it, either. I've voted against it since I was able to vote. (I was there for the founding of the libertarian movement - but didn't actually join the Party due to an issue with their wording of the non-aggression pledge.)

Comment Re:This is why (Score 1) 127

Man complaining about "the Soviet Left Coast" plans to retire comfortably collecting Social Security, using Medicare and sucking off the government teat.

Why not? These parasites sucked down OVER HALF MY PAY for DECADES. Then they'll pay me the social security pittance (and tax it) whether I want them to or not. I'll never get back the amount I paid (allegedly) "into the fund" on just THAT part of the money they took from me - assuming the whole thing doesn't go belly up before I do.

They might possibly end up paying me more inflated dollars if I live to be older than Methuselah. But it will pay nowhere near the actual value they stole. If I'd bought gold with that "social security deduction" instead of handing the money to Uncle Sam, I'd have been far, far ahead, even after storage, insurance, and commissions on both the purchases and the sales.

As for Medicare, they won't LET me do anything else (except pay for add-ons). The insurance companies, operating under the government's laws and mandates, DEMAND that I take the Medicare money: Even if I've paid full premiums for full coverage, and even when I hadn't signed up for medicare, once I was of age to be eligible for medicare they withheld the amount medicare is supposed to pay for a procedure and would only pay the miniscule difference if the doctor or hospital charged more or my deductable with medicare was higher than with the insurance. (Then, with Obamacare, they wouldn't renew.) If I try to refuse the coverage and try to pay it all out of pocket I'm either charged the massive
"uninsured patient list price" or just refused service.

It's easy to snipe others for "sucking off the government teat" when you're young, healthy, and well-to-do. Try it when you're old, sick, unemployed or under-employed, and have been looted your whole working lifetime by that very government, to put milk into those teats for others to suck and ration you a few drops of your own back.

Comment Re:What's with the shills? (Score 1) 112

Has it ever occurred to you that some people simply don't agree with your take on things. You know, people who, personally - just like you - have looked at the facts of the matter and arrived at a different opinion? Your own view must be weak indeed if you have to result to that sort of fantasizing in order to make yourself feel better about it.

Comment Re:...and in the meantime (Score 1) 88

the actual enemies we have now use twitter and guerilla tactics

So ... the actual enemies are using twitter and "guerilla" tactics to seize towns, line up rows of insufficiently Islamist locals and lopping their heads off, that sort of thing? The Russians are using twitter to take over Ukraine? Are those Twitter-powered tanks being driven across those borders? Are they using Twitter to shoot down aircraft? Is Iran supplying Twitter-based ordinance to its proxies across the middle east, and using those Twitter-munitions when they kill people?

Comment Re:What did he expect? (Score 1) 112

So, pretty much you think this is a comic book, not real life involving actual people.

In your imaginary fantasy world, wouldn't the incredibly corrupt fantasy villains your'e dreaming up simply have done any of a thousand possible things to more effectively deal with this guy? No? Right, because you're fantasizing.

Comment Re:Yeah, nah. (Score 1) 427

cities wouldn't care about lawsuits (which have cost some of them dearly).

Where do the cities get the money from to pay for the lawsuits? Seems most of the politicians and police higher-ups don't care too much about losing lawsuits (at least not from the cost standpoint).

Comment Re:Wrong people to strip (Score 1) 427

Don't worry, we make up for that by having very few refugees. Our policy on that is one of the tightest in the world. Sure, we are #11 on the list of # of refugees, but bottom half of the list when you look at refugees per resident. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/...

And the laws aren't nearly as permissive as you state, or we'd have the millions of illegals be millions of immigrants. There's a difference. You can't have it both ways. If we are so permissive, why are there so many millions that are "illegal"?

And I use "immigration" loosely. We should have 5 million migrant worker visas to pass out to Mexicans and others who want to work seasonal labor in the US. Often they would rather work a season, then go to Mexico until the next season, but they can't because crossing the border is too hard.

So our unwillingness to issue visas causes illegal immigration that would otherwise be a temporary work trip. The current political climate refuses to recognize the difference between immigrant and non-immigrant visas. Someone with an H1-B can't live in the US indefinitely. So it's not a "immigration" issue. It's a work-visa issue.

And plenty of places around the world have work visas for high-demand jobs. They just have those jobs generally listed as skilled jobs. In the US, our work demand is mostly for unskilled labor. So our rules are no better. Our standards no higher. It's just the jobs we need the most help with are "lower".

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