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Comment Re:This doesn't surprise me at all (Score 1) 149

Naive Go algorithms will beat any human player on any size board given enough time and enough storage.

If by enough storage you mean more bits than there are atoms in the universe, and by time you mean longer than the life of our solar system, you are correct. However, constructing and powering your computer does not seem a trivial task.

Comment You need to update your troll attempts (Score 1, Insightful) 16

East Germany, as a separate nation with its own prison system, ceased to exist in 1990. Your comparison is, thus, against a null set I am curious, though. Do you have personal experience of MIT as a student or faculty member? Were you ever incarcerated in East Germany prior to German reunification? In general, what is the basis for your outdated comparison?

Comment Pride + Prejudice = enjoyable Jane Austen novel (Score 1) 61

Not clear any of this is relevant to the original topic, though. In your defense, I guess zombies are of more interest to most nerds than classic novels, or even Internet links in Africa.

Does anyone knoe if this knocked out phone links also (and, if not, why they use separate links)?

Comment Re:Orwellian (Score 1) 57

It was easy to predict that many governments would do this once the enabling technologies were available. I am surprised when people do not expect it. Control of their populations is a high priority of most countries. That is much more easily accomplished if you know who the potential troublemakers are, and have suitable blackmail material to keep them in line.

Comment Re:and i should believe this... why again? (Score 1) 139

As long as they have plausible deniability, they do not care much about credibility. In a true democracy, credibility would be important. It would affect their budget. In the real world, most of the power brokers are happy to go along with this BS, and mass surveillance means they usually have blackmail material against anyone with influence who tries to make trouble.

Comment Re:Yeah, and? (Score 1) 56

The fact that we cannot yet see how or why we woulld mine these bodies is not a good guide to the futue. All advances build on those that went before. Practical, cheap ways to prospect for rare minerals off earth may well be a necesary link in the chain. I would also note that the new technique may be valuable in future rover missions to places like Titan.

Comment Checklist (Score 1, Insightful) 608

  • Require registration
  • Require some kind of identifying mark on clothing
  • Withdraw certain legal rights to make it easier to target them
  • To make it easier to control them, insist they live in designated areas
  • Think about a final solution

No ... I am not proposing this. I am just terrified this is the direction things are headed. The current hysteria over a few mentally unbalanced fanatics really has me worried. The worst thing that can happen is that the overwhelming majority of Muslims, who are as horrified at the actions of IS as the rest of us, are marginalized and dissuaded from helping in rooting out this menace.

Comment Re:Quicker (Score 2, Insightful) 488

It is not a true Caliphate, because it does not operate according to generally accepted Islamic principles. The rising tide if Islamophobia scares me a lot more than ISIS. The prospect of another holocause in, so called, civilized Western countries is becoming a very real possibility. The fact that the vast majority of Islamic teachers preach against Islamic fundamentalism, in general, and ISIS in particular, is simply ignored. I live in a country with 4 million Muslims and cannot recall a single case of one of them cutting off anyone's head. Indeed, I sometimes buy from a market where the majority of the traders are Muslims, and have never felt in the slightest bit threatened. How many bad experiences with Muslims have you personally experienced? (Please do not say you felt threatened because they dress funny.)

Comment Re:Quicker (Score 1) 488

Why does anyone require 'due diligence' and fact-checking against insane violent assholes ...

While anger is understandable, taking action, before first verifying that you are targeting the right people, leads all too often to miscarriages of justice. It is sombering to note that, even where some degree of due filigence is done, an estimated 1 in 25 people executed in the US are innocent of the crimes for which they are being executed. A majority of those originally locked up for years in Guantanamo are known to have been innocent. Firm action is needed, but only once you have done your best to ensure you are attacking the right people.

Comment Re:True or False (Score 2) 63

When I learnt Boolean logic, it was called Boolean algebra. I think I can still remember most of the rules.

It is sad that most people cannot apply logic to solving problems. With all the facts at hand, too often irrational conclusions are arrived at. That is probably one of the reasons artificial intelligence is so difficult. We do not know how to model irrationality.

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